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NASA Insider Confesses Before Death: My Father Filmed Fake Moon Landing In 1968 (Video)

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Lies, lies and more lies from the money pit propaganda outlet known as the NATIONAL AERONAUTICS & SPACE ADMINISTRATION continue to haunt the unsuspecting public.  A video has been released from a man who died on February 13, 2022 by the name of Gene Gilmore, given name Eugene Reuben Acres, who claims that his father was involved in filming the moon landing in 1968 and said it was a fake.

Take a look.

According to the video description by The People’s Voice:

A New Mexico man has made a series of astonishing confessions since he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and told he has months to live. He claims the moon landing was faked by the US government with the footage shot at a military base and the surface of the moon recreated with sand and cement powder.

According to Gene Gomar, his father, a military policeman who was stationed at Cannon Air Force base, was involved in the massive deception that fooled the world, laying the groundwork for a government-sponsored mass formation psychosis that continued throughout the decades and into the current era.

The deathbed confession filmed by his father in 2002 was destroyed in a fire of “unknown origin” so Gomar decided to recreate it and share his father’s story for the world before his own death.

In the confession, Gomar, born Eugene Reuben Akers, says he doesn’t want fame or money for what he is doing, because hopefully the video will not be released until after his death. Gomar passed away on Feburary 13, earlier this year, so now we are able to view and share the extraordinary confession.

Is the truth about the moon landings finally starting to leak out?

In the past 12 months, NASA has made a series of revelations that have left the official narrative in shreds.

Mainstream media barely reported on these revelations, so most people remain none the wiser about what NASA has admitted.

The truth of the matter is NASA has all but confirmed the landings were fake, and anybody who works in the space industry or has any knowledge about rocket science has quietly accepted that the whole thing was a charade. And now they keep pushing back and delaying the Artemis program.

So why is nobody talking about this?

We literally didn’t go to the moon in 1969 and, to this day, no human being — American, Russian, Chinese or ancient Egyptian — has been past lower earth orbit which is about 1000 miles above sea level.

When more people become aware that we simply don’t know how to get to the moon, an astronomical renaissance will ensue based on empirical evidence rather than NASA lies.

And remember, we are part of something so huge right now. We have the potential to break the chains of the past. The control, division, hatred, and separation. We are literally birthing a new world. That’s why the control apparatus is so afraid. They know that they can’t stop this. The more they lie, the more the deceive, the more they expose themselves. Which leads to more people waking up from the illusion.

I have previously interviewed Bart Sibrel concerning his work on exposing the fake moon landings.  Bart has been persecuted for pressing the alleged lunar astronauts on the issue, even to the point of being assaulted.  I highly recommend his book Moon Man: The True Story of a Filmmaker on the CIA Hit ListThe evidence that the moon landings were faked is not only overwhelming but very compelling.  Check out the interview below.

I’ve also interviewed America’s Frontline Doctor Michael Roth due to his studies on the fake moon landings.

Here’s a few other videos that demonstrate that what we were told is not the truth but mere propaganda, paid for with our money.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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