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National Action Task Force Investigator To Governor Tim Walz: Liar, Liar Pants On Fire!

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Since Minnesota Governor Tim Walz’ first COVID related executive orders, starting March 13th, there’s been a lot that has not passed the smell test!

Many Minnesotans feel that they don’t dare speak out or question it!  Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Jensen (MD) was challenged and harassed with repeated license investigations, rumored to have initiated via “complaints” from Mother Mayo.

Entrepreneurs like Larvita McFarquarth of Havens Garden in Lynd and Lisa Hanson of The Interchange in Albert Lea have long questioned the COVID stats. Both have tried to depose and question state officials, but have been blocked at nearly every turn. One has to wonder why?

Following the lead from Walz, school nurses and school boards continue to cite the flawed PCR test results and, therefore, inaccurate or – UNTRUE case numbers are used to continue the mask and jab narrative.

In mid-November, it was discovered that Walz often uses an “alternative” e-mail address, rather than his official e-mail. Doing so would definitely help him escape public data requests by naming the wrong e-mail address, calling his integrity into question.

Now, it has been revealed that Walz, in fact, sent e-mails to MnDOH asking them to hide, inflate, embellish or exaggerate COVID numbers. It’s been said that anything less than the truth is a lie. Even something only ½ false is still false.  So, one has to question why Minnesotans are not rising up and why the MnGOP is not infuriated with the continued leaderships dishonesty surrounding COVID 19.

National Guard officials earlier “corrected” Walz’ recollection and released statements about his leadership and his hasty exit form the Guard when he was called to activation.

Even defendants McFarqarth and Hanson are required to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – a standard which, apparently, is not required of Walz and his administration.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Keith Haskell

Keith Haskell has always been labeled, Champion to the Underdogs! He has a vast background as a man with many hats including decades in public and private safety and a small businessperson since early 1990’s At one point, employing over 40 full time men and women in his privates security & investigative company. After some personal experiences with governmental over reach in his business and personal life, Keith hung up his Fire~Rescue boots and strapped on the boots as an advocate if not even activist, once again, for the Underdog! Today, in addition to his detailing business-Keith has taken on the full time role as an Investigator with the National Action Task Force (NATF) and their State Coordinator in Minnesota. Keith is an accomplished public speaker, and former pro wrestling ring announcer, that uses these talents and skills, combined with his investigative experience – to expose, fight, and ultimately correct, the wayward city councils and rouge school boards.
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