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NC Man Gets $100,000,000.00 Water Bill – Asks “Can I Pay In Installments?”

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Technology sometimes makes some of the things we do simpler and can be an incredible benefit for businesses, but what about when the technology doesn’t exactly do what it’s supposed to do, such as in the case of a North Carolina man who got a $100,000,000.00 water bill?

Kieran Healy from Orange County, North Carolina got his water bill from Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OSAWA) for $189.92, which though is normal in certain areas always strikes me as incredibly high for water.  However, he was then charged an exorbitant service fee of $99,999,999.oo!

Healy’s bill totaled a whopping $100,000,188.92!  However, it seems he was going to have some fun with OSAWA and tweeted, “Hey @owasa1, I just got a water bill for a hundred million dollars. Specifically, for $100,000,188 and 92 cents. Can I pay in installments?”


Of course, the amount was due to an error.  The News & Observer reports:

OWASA officials said the utility outsources various functions of its billing to a service provider called Invoice Cloud. One of the services Invoice Cloud provides is auto drafts, where bill payments are taken out of customer bank accounts or charged to credit cards automatically.

Invoice Cloud sends an email to customers before those charges happen, said Stephen Winters, director of finance and customer service for OWASA. But this email had an error that made it appear as though an huge service fee would be charged.

Apparently, Healy was not the only person to receive ridiculous amounts on his water bill, but OSAWA said they were sending out emails apologizing for the error.

Healy ultimately informed people that OSAWA did confirm it was an error and he didn’t owe the money.


That didn’t keep people from having a good laugh over there error.

One commenter on Twitter said, “Good old OWASA. Some meter reader was having a rough day. I’ve called them about bad readings (not this bad!) before. They’ll fix it.”



“They sent you the bill for Flint because no one is paying there so they passed it off on you,” said another commenter.




And my personal favorite…

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