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Nearly 100 Cops Try & Keep A Canadian Restaurant Closed Over CONvid-1984 As Protesters Organize (Video)

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This is what it has come to:  Decent people being barred and even arrested for wanting to eat together while entire police forces are dispatched to the location of said eatery to not only arrest the owner, but to mobilize like a platoon against those who wish to protest and eat!  Meanwhile, criminals continue to do what they will in the city and even be loosed in the name of CONvid-1984.  The latest round of this tyranny comes out of Canada at Adamson Barbeque where the owner was not only arrested, but nearly 100 cops showed up to bar people’s entry into the establishment.

Yahoo News reports:

After a day of turmoil, the City of Toronto has ordered Adamson Barbecue to close under Sec. 22 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act.

A release from the city state that an investigation was “immediately launched” when the restaurant began operating on Tuesday morning, going against the Reopening Ontario Act, which included both indoor and outdoor dining services, “many patrons” not wearing masks and no physical distancing in place.

“Despite Ontario regulations requiring all restaurants to be closed, except for takeout, delivery and drive-through, this establishment opened its doors to patrons for dine-in eating in contravention of the law that is designed to protect people from the spread of COVID-19,” a tweet from the city reads.

The City of Toronto is also investigating Adamson Barbecue for its compliance with business licensing, zoning, public health, Ontario Building Code and the Ontario Fire Code requirements.

Day’s events, reaction for Adamson Barbecue’s lockdown defiance

Despite Toronto being in lockdown restrictions, Etobicoke restaurant Adamson Barbecue decided to open on Tuesday dine-in service, going against the provincial orders.


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“For those of you have eyes to see why I’m doing this, thank you guys so much,” he said. “Thank you for letting me know that have people in our corner.”

“This is a risky move and you guys gave me the gas to do this.”

Look at the ridiculousness of Canada.

Toronto’s CTV News reports:

On Thursday, police changed the locks on the restaurant, but allowed Skelly into a portion of the building they believed was not covered by the closure order from Toronto Public Health.

However according to police, his supporters smashed through drywall to access the restaurant area to try and reopen it.

Skelly was led away in handcuffs and now faces a number of charges, including attempting to obstruct police, mischief under, failing to comply with a continued order under the Reopening Ontario Act, and failing to leave when directed under the Trespass to Property Act. 

He appeared in court via video link on Friday and was released after his wife posted $50,000 bail.

Under the conditions of his bail, Skelly must stay 200 metres away from Adamson Barbecue, as well as his two other businesses; He is not to operate a business except in accordance with the Reopening Ontario Act; He must obey the Health Protection Act, as well as all lawful orders by Ontario’s Chief Public Health Officer and the Regional Public Health Officer. As well, he must not communicate on social media.

“It took so long today because a crown attorney was being advised at a province level on what my bail conditions should be,” Skelly told reporters after being released.

“One of those bail conditions is that I’m not allowed to use, communicate, or post on social media. That to me is really interesting. I wonder what it is that the province doesn’t want everybody to know.”

Another man, 27-year-old Michael Belito Arana of Markham, was also arrested at the restaurant Thursday following a confrontation with police. He has been charged with obstructing police, six counts of assaulting a police officer, two counts of uttering a death threat, and one count of failing to comply with a continued order under the Reopening Ontario Act.

In the meantime, Toronto Public Health has completely seized the premises of Adamson Barbecue and the city boarded up the building.

While the restaurant has seen a crowd of supporters every day, many without masks, a number of other businesses in the area have complained that Adamson is flouting the rules while those observing them continue to suffer a loss of business.

An online fundraising effort has already collected more than $175,000 on Adamson’s behalf.

Protests formed after nearly 100 cops, some horse mounted, showed up to keep people from entering.

If only they put this much effort into dealing with actual criminals!  The video above should show you not only whose side these cops are on, but who is in their sights.  Here’s a hint:  It’s not the criminals.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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