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New Zealand Crimes Act will make illegal to ‘intentionally stir up hatred against racial or religious groups’

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This is the pattern for how the Anglosphere will discard the freedom of speech and move into a new era of authoritarianism. And there are two primary problems here:

1. The Crimes Act will make it “illegal to intentionally stir up hatred against racial or religious groups.” But who will determine whether or not this hatred was stirred up “intentionally” or not? Who can judge anyone else’s intentions? This is just opening the door to governing authorities being empowered to silence anyone they wish, under the pretext that he or she is stirring up hatred. So it’s starting New Zealand on the way to becoming a totalitarian state.

2. The Left and Islamic supremacist groups have insisted for years that to speak about Islam’s teachings regarding jihad violence and the oppression of women, gays and others is to stir up hatred against Muslims. There is no reason why this should be so. If it were, then criticism of any group whatsoever, or honest analysis of any teachings that contain genuine incitement to violence, could also be considered to be stirring up hatred, and silenced accordingly. But since it is taken for granted in the establishment media and even by many governing authorities that to discuss Islam’s violent and oppressive teachings is to stir up hatred, that discussion will be silenced, and jihadis will be able to advance unopposed and unimpeded.

Ardern is doing this, of course, because of the Christchurch mosque massacres. They reinforced the idea that criticism of Islam leads to violence, even criticism that rejects any violence or vigilantism, as well as any targeting of innocent people at all. Yet thirty thousand jihad attacks committed in the name of Islam and in accord with its teachings since 9/11 have not convinced Ardern or any other governing authority that criticism of the infidels, as well as direct calls for violence against them, leads to violence, and must accordingly be silenced. That would be “Islamophobic.”

The contradictions and illogic of all this are glaring, but they won’t stop Ardern from destroying New Zealand as a free society.

“Christchurch mosque attacks: Jacinda Ardern promises to close ‘gaps in hate speech legislation,’” by Craig McCulloch, NZ Herald, December 8, 2020:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s hope for political consensus regarding hate speech law is looking doubtful as the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch terror attack reignites the debate.

The 800-page report includes a recommendation to create a new offence under the Crimes Act, making it illegal to intentionally stir up hatred against racial or religious groups.

In a speech in Parliament on Tuesday, Ardern promised to work with all parties to try to close “the gaps in hate speech legislation”.

“I know this is a contentious area, and we will work with determination to try form that consensus if we can.”

But soon after, National leader Judith Collins told reporters Ardern would have to provide “a very compelling reason” to win her MPs’ support.

“As a party, we certainly do not support people being criminalised for unwise statements when they should be basically spoken to,” Collins said.

“You can’t legislate people’s thoughts … we wouldn’t want to drive underground thoughts or statements that could then lead to … violence.”…

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

The Washington Standard

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