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Next Stop, Normalization Of Pedophilia: Los Angeles Schools Create Sex Clubs In Elementary School to Indoctrinate Children Into LGBTQ

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The rise in the promotion and engagement of sodomy, lesbianism and a host of reprobate behavior is being pushed not only upon the population but targeting the children of the united States.  All of this is ultimately opening the door for the normalization of pedophilia and we have been seeing it with the drag queen events and even little children performing in drag for adults without the Thin Blue Line doing their jobs and arresting those violating the law.  Instead, they arrest and attack those who simply read the Bible to the transgressors.

The Daily Wire reports:

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) created a guide to organizing “Rainbow Clubs” for elementary school students, which included lessons on “LGBTQ+ liberation,” activism, and “protest art.”

The district explains in a document that the groups are “for LGBTQ+ elementary students and their friends.”  It links to a 20-page “Rainbow Club Activity Guide” produced by LAUSD’s Human Relations, Diversity, and Equity department, which provides a detailed list of discussion topics and lessons.

The activity guide contains “art, books, games, and other activities related to LGBTQ+ identity for elementary students.”

“Rainbow Clubs are inclusive spaces for elementary students to explore LGBTQ+ related topics,” the guide explains. “This is a space for celebrating many types of identities, including Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Nonbinary, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Ace and Two Spirit identities!”

A section titled “LGBTQ+ Liberation” discusses political activism, saying, “Activists are people who work to change things they don’t think are fair about the world. They speak up when they see something that isn’t right and work with other people to come up with solutions.”

“This is called fighting for social justice.”

It goes on to discuss “two incredible activists of color,” Sylvia Rivera and Marsha Johnson, the founders of the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries. The guide states that the duo “sometimes referred to themselves as drag queens,” adding, “Today they might still identify as drag queens, or they might identify as transgender.”

The guide even tells club advisors to “create protest art together” if time allows, providing examples of signs with leftwing slogans like “no human is illegal,” “no ban, no wall,” and “love is love.”

An activity titled “Love is Love” instructs students to watch a short film about two male classmates who are romantically interested in one another. It includes discussion questions such as: “Had you seen this or other movies with LGBTQ+ characters?” as well as “Do you think it’s important to have queer/trans characters in a movie or TV show?”

It goes on to suggest that students taking part in the Rainbow Club could take a “Pride flag quiz” from Buzzfeed, which lists the transgender, pansexual, non-binary, “genderfluid,” and intersex Pride flags, among others.

The guide also suggests an activity called “We’ve Got Pride,” which asks students, “Who has been to a Pride event? Tell us about it! What else do you know about Pride?” It urges club administrators to introduce students to the book “Twas The Night Before Pride,” which revolves around a young child preparing to attend a Pride parade. Students are also encouraged to draw their own “Pride float.”

Standing for Freedom Center tweeted out about this indoctrination and asked, “Do you think this sort of indoctrination is coming to public schools near you?”

Chances are, it has already infiltrated your school district and many don’t even know it.  It’s time to return to the old paths, which God said He would bless, and start educating our own children at home.  Send them to statist schools and wouldn’t you expect them to turn out as statists?

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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