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NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Exposes Israeli Betrayal To Protect Mossad Agent & Target Her For Torture & “Slow-Kill Assassination”

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Former National Security Agency Intelligence Analyst and whistleblower Karen Stewart has been warning of the betrayal in our own government against the People, especially concerning the FBI fusion centers.  She has appeared on The Sons of Liberty radio many times and has also provided us contacts of guests that have been targeted with direct energy weapons by those in authority.  In a recent letter to the Ambassador at the Israeli Embassy, Stewart blasted them for targeting her for torture and “slow-kill assassination” for daring to be a true patriot to the united States, and charging them with protecting an “out of control” Mossad to facilitate her targeting.  She then points out that it isn’t just about betraying her, but all Americans.

Here’s the 28 year NSA veteran’s letter to the Ambassador at the Israeli Embassy, in which she refers to herself as “Victim of Israeli betrayal and duplicity.”

May 25, 2022 

Embassy of Israel 

3514 International Dr. NW 

Washington DC 20008 

Dear Ambassador, 

I am an American citizen and my family were some of the original  settlers in the 17th Century (1620). In fact, I count as relatives some pretty  famous historic figures like George Washington (1st Cousin), Nathan Hale,  Daniel Boone, etc. I come from a long line of Evangelical Christians who  believed the Biblical saying that whoever blesses Israel is blessed and  curses Israel is cursed. I cannot say I adhere to that anymore, though I do  not curse you, I cannot support a country that would infiltrate my  workplace (NSA), run a honeypot (Margarita “Rita” LaPointe) to sleep her  way through upper management, starting in the NSA Weapons and Space  Directorate, in order to sexually blackmail managers like Robert Gaiser,  Drew McCarrier, Air Force Captain Todd Parks, etc. then get her “Johns” to  manipulate the theft of credit of a six month series of Top Secret reports  that I alone wrote – vouched for by supervisor AF Captain Sonya  McMullen) and which the Pentagon confirmed had saved the lives of about  2,000 military men or more in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), in order to  steal the rare double promotion meant for me – according to promotion  board member Lori Hamilton.  

 When I asked the then Inspector General George Ellard to investigate  what I originally thought was a gross ethics breach, I found myself  viciously targeted instead. I had witnesses lined up but found they were  either ignored or threatened by the IG or NSA Security, quite contrary to  their duty and purpose. Then I found myself ordered to take an out of  routine polygraph by a man who screamed at me just before the polygraph  in order to skew my results. Of course, after he screamed at me, I asked  to come back another day when the polygraph tech had not breached  protocol and purposely upset the subject, but he refused and threatened  to have me arrested right then and there by the FBI and taken to jail in  DC… because I did not want his screaming at me out of the blue to  sabotage my polygraph! I said for the record, I had never had a problem on  a polygraph but taking one after being abuse would certainly skew the proper results. A week later, I was called by security to say I had not  passed (the first time ever in 20+ years) and was scheduled to take a  second in a month. I knew I had been set up because of my IG complaint.  The second test was deemed indeterminate, the third three months later  was a pass. That polygraph tech interviewed me two hours in regard to  my situation and remarked how I had no record of job problems at all and  had indeed never had a polygraph problem before this. She revealed at  the end of the test that I had cleanly passed it and had actually passed the  second as well, but they had wanted to confirm with a third test. You  would think that would be the end, but no. The same people who lied to the  promotion board had fabricated some secret allegation against me and  NSA Security was on board with framing me to get me fired at least, if not  falsely imprisoned, to shut me up. Could an ethics breach deserve such a  psychotic and criminal over-reaction by those actually in charge of  keeping ethics strong at the workplace?  

 The answer lay in the next set of people to get involved with criminal  activity against me, SES manager Eric Hagemann, his close friends from  Vietnam service, Jack Schabe and Drew French, all employed by NSA.  Hagemann’s daughter was even married to an Israeli in your military.  (Had Hagemann been recruited to spy for Israel? To run or protect a  Mossad honeypot? It certainly seemed and still seems that way since I  remain under attack and dangerous Directed Energy Weapons were added  to the attacks in late 2015 til this day.) They had all served together in a  radio battalion and pursued related subjects at NSA. Were they all Jews  with divided loyalties? Were they part of a Mossad friendly cell inside  NSA? Hagemann was a computer and electronics expert as they all  seemed to be.  

 In August 2006, I witnessed Hagemann leaving my house on a Saturday  after a break-in. At first my husband and I were puzzled as to why nothing  seemed to be missing but within a few days we noticed extra house, car,  and mailbox keys were gone. And our home phone and cable service  showed signs of hacking. Later it became clear a passive burst bug had  been placed in the home as well, likely in the duct system. Was it to “catch  me doing something illegal”? No, it was to see what I knew about THEIR  operation. That following Monday, Hagemann was in the server closet  outside my office for several hours unaware I had seen him leaving my  home. The entire time only my computer was off-line. All other computers  in my office were fine and NSA IT service blew me off. My computer came back on line when Hagemann left. I am not a techie so I am not able to  hack or get up to mischief with computers, they are a tool to me, nothing  more. I have zero training, zero talent, zero interest in the inner workings  of computers. However, it seems to me someone like Hagemann could  set up a false trail to throw suspicion on me in order to set me up to be  fired to cover up the Mossad honeypot operation, which seems to be what  happened. A real investigation would have exonerated me from whatever  false premise they were using but that was clearly not going to happen  since the IG and NSA Security were “captured” and corrupted by Israel.   NSA Security’s attack dog psychologist, Dina Wiezcynski, who had a  shady and immoral past, called me in to threaten me to shut up about my  “stolen work credit and stolen double promotion or she would go back  through all my previous routine psych evals and “FIND A PROBLEM.” She  could not especially due to a 2005 evaluation by former head of NSA  Psych Services, Paul Clavelle, who had assessed me as one if the  strongest people emotionally and mentally whom he had ever met. Thus,  NSA Security was forced to what we will call, plan B… send NSA low level  security goons to stalk and harass me 24/7 on and off NSA property to  force me into reporting them so that Security managers could quickly,  without any investigation, pronounce me “paranoid” and fire me. But I  successfully ignored them until 2009 when they poisoned to death a family  dog (13 month old Newfoundland) with food laced with a neurotoxin and  then started a coordinated, multi-person, aggressive driving campaign to  try to injure or kill me on the road. At that point I did complain of a  supposed investigation of me used to do nothing but viciously harass and  defame me for nothing. Still ignoring the real issue, NSA Security without  any investigation, stripped me of my clearance, so I reported the tag  numbers of the NSA security personnel harassing me to local police. NSA  again panicked, told police to stay out of it, and put me on admin leave to  thwart my own evidence gathering.  

 While on admin leave, NSA went to the local Fusion Center to organize  civilian stalking harassment to augment then replace NSA security goons  since the all had a military look and stuck out like sore thumbs. Fusion  Centers since their inception have organized civilians into a fascistic,  militarized “neighborhood watch” and even pay them in gift cards that  come from laundered tax money. These pin heads took over most of the  in-your-face, 24/7 stalking harassment, led by a local psychologist  contractor named Joyce Carol Warner-Burke who specialized in group think manipulation. I caught her connecting to information on where I  lived and my address over and iver and over on Zaba Search as if showing  new stalkers their assignment daily. Once when my tire was slashed  early in the morning, I found her kneeling in my driveway examining the  tire. When she saw me, she jumped up, got in her car and sped off. But she  did not live far away at all. 

 NSA told local police not only to ignore my complaints and not  investigate crimes against me, but to go door to door in my neighborhood  to warn people that I was a “crazy and dangerous employee”, which of  course could panic stupid, gullible people and cause them to harm me.  Another set-up. How do I know? I heard a police Lieutenant Williams  saying that to a neighbor and crediting a Captain Coone with instructing  him to warn people. I had come up behind him to ask him a question. When  he saw me, he literally ran to his car and drove away. 

 At that point, NSA wanted desperately to make me panic and report the  stalking harassment to police so they could “prove” I was paranoid and  needed to be fired (2 years before I could retire after 28 years of service  to my country). However, I just collected evidence and noted  methodologies. In the Spring and Summer of 2009 I began calling around  to get a labor law lawyer to sue NSA. One lawyer confirmed to me that as  soon as I spoke to him (Kohn, Kohn, and Colapinto) no sooner than we had  hung up, the NSA General Counsel called him and threatened him to nit  take my case, indicating NSA was illegally monitoring my phone calls and  threatening lawyers whom I called. I finally had to get a Federal law firm  out of the DC area to take it.  

 Since NSA’s false premise for firing me to cover that it was  whistleblower retaliation was that I was suddenly paranoid and delusional  after no mental illness my whole life, I got an independent psychological  assessment that I was of course perfectly sane and thus was clearly  illegal whistleblower abuse and retaliation. In fact, a second independent  psychologist even wrote similar. Both evaluations were included in my  lawsuit paperwork to NSA’s chagrin.  

 When I began getting out and talking to the Fusion Center civilian dupes  and telling them the truth I caused ripples in the NSA Fusion Center well oiled machinery. In fact, police cars with sirens had to be called twice to their Phelps Luck Community Meeting House, down the street from me,  which they were using for weekly indoctrination and control of the duped  neighbors. People with whom I had spoken began demanding answers 

and twice arguments had gotten aggressive and spilled out into the  parking lot and had to be quelled by police. After that, on July 12, 2009, the  stalking harassment stopped dead. 

It remained at bay until early 2015 when my lawyer asked the Equal  Employment Opportunity Commission Judge (Laurence Gallagher) to  order a subpoena formally identifying Eric Hagemann as an NSA SES  manger and requiring his driver’s license to identify his name and photo as  that of the man who had broken into my home in 2006 (and thereafter) and  whose image I had drawn very accurately. This again panicked NSA and  they started up the Fusion Center-led stalking harassment yet again. I had  even temporarily moved (2015-2016) to another state nowhere near NSA,  but noticed the exact same defamation and stalking harassment campaign  carried on by another Fusion Center with the help of a military entity with  ties to NSA. (All of this is still quite illegal). In fact, on occasion, the  stalkers would send Hagemann look-a-likes to tell me why they were  upset and clearly they did not want Hagemann identified in my case. He  was a peculiar looking man, pug nose, almost dwarfish, but with a long  flowing main of white hair and a full beard. Sometimes the stalkers would  send cars with one or even two men to stalk me with such men (long  white hair and beard) so I knew this was a sore point. They wanted his  identity protected at all costs… but not enough to do the right thing by me!  In late 2015, the 2nd Fusion Center (FDLE/Fusion Center) began  removing their in-your-face civilian dupe stalkers, with nocturnal attacks  by Fusion Center operatives and contractors using Directed Energy  Weapons, which were so strong they killed my cat the third night. They not  only endangered me but had no moral problem endangering my elderly  parents (85 and almost 87) with whom I was staying, in order to kill me to  shut me up to protect Mossad agent Eric Hagemann and those inside NSA  whom he had turned to commit espionage. During those attacks I found  that Fusion Centers are subservient to foreign interests such as Israel,  and in the guise of Homeland Security, facilitate espionage, dupe law  enforcement into protecting bad guys and ignoring or harming good guys,  and aid and abet covert subversion and insurrection against the American  people and our proper government. And the owner of the privately owned  network of Fusion Centers acting as a Trojan Horse against America, just  happens to be Jewish. Is he a dual-national? Are Hagemann, Schabe, and  French dual-nationals or related to any? How many of the subverted NSA personnel facilitating espionage and my attempted murder are aligned  with Israel above the USA? 

 Fusion Centers seem to be privately owned in order to, among other  things, evade FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT requests for information  that would show they are not what they claim to be and have killed  innumerable good Americans and zero “terrorists” who supposedly mean  us harm. It very much looks like Israel, through people like Hagemann,  have set up a hostile, undeclared, insurgent army made up of traitors and  fools, in plain clothes, among our population to take down America. We  are of course seeing “Homeland Security” behind this deadly charade and  seeing more and more regular Americans being declared “terrorist  threats” for daring question injustices and overreach in their lives. Put  that together with known historic Israeli espionage which has delivered  American secrets to Communist China, it looks like I am to be one of the  secret casualties in a secret war of betrayal by Israel against its best ally.  I have in the last several years of attacks received sudden and unique  injuries from the Directed Energy Weapons, which could at any time kill  me despite my family’s genetic longevity and propensity for good health. In  fact I never had any health problems until your affiliates began attacking  me with Directed Energy Weapons such as RF, pulsed microwave,  heterodyning, etc. Is your Mossad as out-of-control and degenerate as our  CIA or are you, as a representative of your proper government, outraged  by their crimes or in full support of them? Thanks to YOUR people, I am  tagged as a “threat” to torture and slow-kill assassinate for being a patriot  and good person. Does that set well with you or will you alert your pwn  government as to the heinous betrayal of all Americans with such betrayal  and sociopathic activity against us? This is also a betrayal of God by sons  of Satan who chose evil over God’s will, spat on his blessings for them,  and it will be dealt with. The question is, will you step up or hide your head  in the sand? 

Karen M. Stewart 

NSA, Intelligence Analyst, 28 years. 

Victim of Israeli betrayal and duplicity

Let’s just be clear, shall we?  Israel is no more our friend than the current apparatus called the US government in DC is.  We should cut ties with them and we should abolish DC, end of story.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is a Christian and lover of liberty, a husband to his "more precious than rubies" wife, father of 10 "mighty arrows" and jack of all trades. He lives in the US-Occupied State of South Carolina, is the Editor at SonsOfLibertyMedia.com, GunsInTheNews.com and TheWashingtonStandard.com. and SettingBrushfires.com; and also broadcasts on The Sons of Liberty radio weekdays at 6am EST and Saturdays at 8am EST. Follow Tim on Twitter. Also check him out on Gab, Minds, and USALife.
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