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NSA Won’t Release Clinton/Lynch Tarmac Tape – Claims “National Security”

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A citizen researcher from Florida is attempting to have the recording of the infamous Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch tarmac tape released to the public, but apparently, the National Security Agency claims they won’t release it due to “national security.”

The man researching and seeking to have the tape released is Florida orthodontist Larry Kawa.  You may remember him because of Judicial Watch’s filing of a lawsuit on his behalf to obtain a week’s worth of Hillary Clinton’s emails regarding Benghazi.

It’s being reported now that the NSA has declared the recording of the conversation that took place between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch in Phoenix, Arizona on June 27, 2016.

Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request in March of this year to obtain the following:

  • Any and all records and/or transcripts of a meeting held between Attorney General Loretta lynch and former President Bill Clinton on June 28, 2016.
  • Any and all records of communication sent to or from officials in the Office of the Attorney General regarding the meeting held between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton on June 28, 2016.
  • Any and all records of communication sent to or from officials in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General regarding the meeting held between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton on June 28, 2016.
  • Any and all references to the meeting held between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton contained in day planners, calendars and schedules in the Office of the Attorney General.

This brings us to Kawa.  In an article at Big League Politics, Patrick Howley writes:

The National Security Agency (NSA) blocked the release of a purported tape of Bill Clinton and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s private airplane talk with a rare legal justification used to protect top national security secrets.

The NSA’s block of the release of this information — citing one of President Obama’s executive orders — undercuts Hillary Clinton’s claim that her husband and Lynch had a “purely social” conversation about grandkids and golf on June 27, 2016, two weeks before Lynch dropped the Department of Justice investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

Citizen researcher Larry Kawa is pressing the government to release the contents of a taping system that is required to have been installed on Lynch’s government airplane. Kawa points to the Tempest system, a NATO-certified system by which the NSA tracks and records sound that emanates within government structures.

“General Dynamics installs the recorders in the planes,” Kawa told Big League Politics.  “(Lynch) could not have un-installed them if she wanted to.”

Kawa claims that there are Voice Over IP recorders that are installed on government airplanes, so there must be a recording.  His FOIA request was denied citing national security.

So far, we’ve not really heard anything except that the conversation was all about golf and grandchildren, even though Lynch claimed the meeting was “regrettable.”  How is that a matter of national security?

We do know that following that meeting, the Justice Department shielded Clinton Foundation emails and there is definitely a question of how that meeting may have resulted in the communications of Donald Trump and his advisors at Trump Tower.

“To respond to your request, NSA would have to confirm or deny the existence of intelligence records on Loretta Lynch,” the NSA wrote in their response on November 14, 2016. “Were we to do so in your case, we would have to do so for every other requester. This would enable, for example, a terrorist or other adversary to file an FOIA request with us in order to determine whether he or she was under surveillance or had evaded it. This is turn would allow that individual to better assess whether they could successfully act to damage the national security of the United States. For such reasons, we can neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence of the records you requested.”

Kawa then wrote to the NSA FOIA office to challenge them on their denial.  Here’s their response.

Our letter dated 14 November 2016 is indeed our final response to your FOIA request. It states that the “first exemption” of the FOIA authorizes, by Executive Order, properly classified information to be kept secret and goes on to say that the fact of existence or non-existence of intelligence records on any individual is an appropriately classified matter. The “first exemption” is often referred to as the “B(1) exemption” to which you refer.

We also provide background information regarding the decision, as well as the specific paragraph of E.O. 13526 which authorizes the type of response, which is often called a “Glomar” response.   In addition, we state that the withholding of this information is also authorized by the third exemption under the FOIA, as the information is also protected by statute.  Lastly, we provide you with instructions on how to appeal this response.

Both stories here cannot be true.  We cannot have a conversation about golf and grandchildren and that be national security at the same time.  It’s one or the other, and judging from the Clintons and Lynch’s lawlessness, I think it’s safe to assume that there was no talk of golf and grandchildren and I’m betting there was no “national security” talk either.  Rather, there was more than likely criminal scheming taking place.  Let’s hear the recordings for ourselves NSA

Tim Brown

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