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Obama’s EPA Broke Federal Law – Then Lied About it!

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We live in a nation of tyrannical, un-elected bureaucracies. Most of which are heavily armed, and extremely motivated, to violate your Bill of Rights when it suits their needs. The examples of what I reference are copious; with the most notorious being the stand-off in Nevada with Cliven Bundy and his family. It was not the EPA in the Bundy case, but the equally criminal and unconstitutional BLM that violated Mr. Bundy’s Bill of Rights. Makes no difference, for we didn’t get to vote on ANY proposal for the formation and implementation of these criminal agencies, yet they continue to rule over us. Moreover, not only do they violate our rights, they do so with lies, half-truths and deception.
A recent NY Times article sported the following headline:

E.P.A. Broke Law With Social Media Push for Water Rule, Auditor Finds

Here is the opening paragraph, which provides a nice synopsis:

The Environmental Protection Agency engaged in “covert propaganda” and violated federal law when it blitzed social media to urge the public to back an Obama administration rule intended to better protect the nation’s streams and surface waters, congressional auditors have concluded

I submit that the recently revealed deceit of the EPA, and other un-elected agencies, is the rule rather than the exception. How many times have farms, dairies, ranches and residences been raided by the enforcement arm of the “rogue government?” These raids are often performed without due process; many times resulting in asset forfeiture, causing a loss of resources for the accused to be able to mount a defense. It’s truly un-American and unconstitutional.

If we look back at the lessons of Bundy Ranch, we can quickly surmise that the best way to oppose these tyrants is to oppose these tyrants. We outnumber them by a staggering amount. As I have stated before, do not wait for orders from headquarters. Stand-up now and take action, for time is perilously short.

*Article by Jim White

The Washington Standard

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