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Obama’s State Department Spent $770 Million to Rebuild Cairo’s Sewage System, Renovate Mosques [video]

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Barack Obama continues to reveal his priorities by spending $770 million on rebuilding Cairo, Egypt’s sewage and water pipelines– not on helping create jobs in America or providing affordable healthcare to Americans who lost their health insurance because of Obamacare.

To make matters worse, the State Department used this “water” project to also renovate mosques and bring them into the 21st century by providing them computers and Internet access.

The State Department told CBS News Atlanta that the hundreds of millions spent on this one project was a way to “fight Islamic extremism by building relationships with Islamic leaders.”

But a former Muslim and Egyptian-American human rights activist, Nonie Darwish, told CBS News that this wasn’t really a goodwill mission. In fact, she argues, it is the extremists who run most of these mosques. The U.S. is actually funding terrorists who hate America:

“This part of the world has a lot of respect for power and America is not showing its power, it’s showing its appeasement. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

“We are rebuilding mosques to support the radicals, not to support the moderates. We are building mosques to issue fatwas of death against people like me.”

But it’s not just Egypt. The State Department has long been spending part of its budget on buying computers and other equipment, including internet service, for mosques in Tajikistan and Mali. Also, another problem, Darkish points out:

“That is not the job of the U.S. because giving them Internet access to imams and Muslim preachers who hate America.”

The question remains– when will Congress do something about this? When will Congress audit each agency and department spending to slash their budgets?

And, why is so much money being spent on non-Americans when more than half of America is out of work, unemployed and underemployed as well as without health insurance?

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com

Tim Brown

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