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Obama’s ‘Wholesale Destruction’ Of Tens Of Thousands Of National Archive Records

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He had plenty of experience. His birth certificate, student loan application, college records, passport to Pakistan etc. Criminals always try to cover up their crimes, especially experienced ones.

Why isn’t the American press covering this? This must read article is in a Canadian publication.

How is it that the National Archives doesn’t have procedures in place to keep records from being stolen or destroyed?



By Judi McLeod , Canada Free Press, June18, 2019:

Why is no one asking this question?

Are the tens of thousands of National Archives records destroyed by the former Obama administration a cover up for the corruption of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election and removal of every scrap of truth that the RussiaGate investigation is a total fabrication?

How was it even possible for tens of thousands of key records of the Obama administration to go missing from the National Archives?

The United States is a nation not a movie.

But if it were a movie, it would be one we’ve seen before.  The records are missing, and although the perps have been identified, they’re getting to skate off, scott free.

National Archivist David Ferriero admits tens of thousands of records have gone missing.  Respected founding Times Book publisher Thomas H. Lipscomb reported on the story to RealClearPolitics last Sunday.  The mainstream and social media yawned.

Most significantly:  Why did no one sound the alarm on the missing records until after the horse was well out of the barn?

Anyone would have to admit the sheer audacity of this grand larceny is breathtaking in scope.

This time the perps didn’t need need paper shredders,  tons of trucks or Sandy Berger’s socks.

Here’s how they were able to get away with it.

“The former president, it must be noted, signed a law that put electronic communications under the 1950 Federal Records Act. However, it doesn’t seem that his practice is quite what he preaches. (Western Journal, June 11, 2018)

“Lipscomb wrote that “the accumulation of recent congressional testimony has made it clear that the Obama administration itself engaged in the wholesale destruction and ‘loss’ of tens of thousands of government records covered under the act as well as the intentional evasion of the government records recording system by engaging in private email exchanges.”

…”In 2014 President Obama signed the Presidential and Federal Records Act Amendments. For the first time electronic government records were placed under the 1950 Federal Records Act. The new law also included updates clarifying “the responsibilities of federal government officials when using non-government email systems” and empowering “the National Archives to safeguard original and classified records from unauthorized removal.” Additionally, it gives the Archivist of the United States the final authority in determining just what is a government record.”

The perps?

“So far, former President Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Lynch and several EPA officials have been named as offenders. (Western Journal)

“The IRS suffered record “losses” as well.

“Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy called it “an unauthorized private communications system for official business for the patent purpose of defeating federal record-keeping and disclosure laws.”

In other words, the perps executed—and are getting away with—a Hillary Clinton-like bleaching of any evidence during the past eight years of the Obama administration.

The last time someone ripped off the National Archives, it was the late Sandy Berger by stuffing records in his socks and underneath other clothing on an alleged mission for Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Surely an historical LOL moment for Hillary.

“Berger only got away with this twice before archive personnel kept tabs on him, but the first trips involved as yet uncatalogued material so no one really knows what he took. (RealClearPolitics, June 10, 2018)

“But there seemed to be copies in the archive of everything they caught him with.

“Berger was supposedly reviewing records for a Clinton response to the 9/11 Commission’s considerations of mistakes made leading up to the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Ronald Cass, Dean Emeritus of Boston University Law School wonders if there was telling marginalia by Clinton or others on some of these documents that were not on the file copies.

“The Clintons seemed to have a longstanding problem with records, since the disappearance in 1994 and reappearance in 1996 of the subpoenaed Rose Law Firm files in the Clintons’ private White House quarters.

“Now the National Archives is faced with Hillary Clinton’s history-making assault on government records while secretary of state, which Cass describes as fitting a pattern of “destroy, deny and corrupt the process.” (This is no doubt why Harvard just awarded her the Radcliffe Medal citing her “transformative impact on society.”)

“Clearly, America’s National Archives is facing the first major challenge to its historic role in preserving the records of the United States. What good is the National Archives administering a presidential library, like the planned Obama library in Chicago, if it is missing critical records of interest to scholars? And what’s to prevent evasion of the entire federal records system by subsequent administrations to suit current politics rather than serve scholars for centuries to come?

Is the massive theft of NA records what emboldened Obama to say last February, “We didn’t have an embarrassing scandal?”

“Former President Barack Obama, speaking off-the-record, talked about the drama-free nature of his White House and said it was a “low bar” now to avoid embarrassing presidential scandals..” (Reason, Feb.27, 2018)

This was no petty theft.  As Lipscomb courageously points out: “America’s National Archives is facing the first major challenge to its historic role in preserving the records of the United States.” (Western Journal)

…”In a break from tradition, Barack Obama’s presidential library is actually opting out of any sort of relationship with the National Archives.

“The Obama Presidential Center in Chicago’s Jackson Park will take a different route, opting out of the presidential library network operated by the National Archives and Records Administration — and the millions of dollars in federal support that go along with membership,” the Chicago Tribune reported back in May.

“In the months leading up to the announcement, it was widely assumed that the center would have a presidential library, full of documents and artifacts, that was part of the NARA system.

“The spin at that point was that Obama’s decision to opt out of a relationship with the National Archives was a good thing. It would allow Obama to escape several regulations set by NARA in terms of both the design and endowment of the library, among other things. Whether or not that was true — or whether or not this has anything to do with the former administration’s destruction of records — is anyone’s guess, although it certainly looks somewhat more suspicious in this light.”

Meanwhile gone with the wind are all scandals that took place when Obama was in the Oval Office.

How did Obama get away with it?

When you can go about fundamentally transforming America after bragging before election that this was your intention, get away with it and continue in private life to try to overturn the results of the 2016 election, you can get away with most anything.

RealClearPolitics’ and Western Journal’s truth-telling about tens of thousands of missing records at the National Archives is being studiously ignored by the mainstream and social media.

Western Journal is right in pointing out the following:

…”Look how many stories there have been over reports that President Donald Trump likes to rip up papers and frantic staff tape them back together so they can comply with the Federal Records Act. This is some of the coverage that story got, via Google News: (Images courtesy of Western Journal)

Here’s the kind of coverage, meanwhile, that Lipscomb’s report is getting:

“Apparently, real document destruction isn’t that big of a deal for the media. But if there’s a comical story regarding Trump, they’re more than willing to run it.”

President Trump is spot-on in saying that Fake News is the biggest enemy of the American people.

He should add that Barack Obama plunged America into darkness as ‘The Enthroned King of Fake News’.

Before the doors of the $1 billion-plus Obama Presidential Center open to the public, a life-size placard should be placed to honor the truth with these words: ‘Obama the Faker’.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

The Washington Standard

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