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On The Right To Keep & Bear Arms

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The Right to keep and bear arms is an essential protection for Life and Liberty.

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Samuel Adams wrote in 1792: “Among the Natural Rights of the Colonists are these First Life, secondly Liberty, third property, together with the right to defend them in the best manner possible.” Adams continued by noting that these rights are a direct product of the First law of Nature, the Duty of self-preservation.

Those who would stand for the Right to keep and bear arms do so with the interest of preserving Life and Liberty – not destroying it – not only for themselves but for their neighbors. They support freedom and just government, ensuring that our future generations will able to be a government OF the people, not subject to a government OVER the people. They train in the skill of defense BECAUSE they love their children, their families, and their neighbors and want to defend the most precious gifts of Life, at their own expense if necessary.

Those who oppose the Right to keep and bear arms, whether intentionally or not, support the opposite of Life and Liberty – they support slavery, they support oppression, they support despotic government rule over the people.

Those who ignorantly support disarming the people do so because they have been convinced of one eternal error – that those in power respect the lives and liberties of the people and will protect them. There is absolutely NOTHING in the history of man that ought to give someone that false delusion of hope.

History is ripe with one oracle of truth – when the people are disarmed they are inevitably enslaved by the more powerful, more able, or more populated groups. Disarming the people never ever frees the minority. To the contrary, in a disarmed society the minority becomes the first to be converted to chattel. Slavery is not possible in a society where the people are well armed and well trained in the skill of defense and the knowledge of the value of Life and Liberty worth defending.

Those who knowingly support disarming the people do so because they are power hungry, lack respect for Life, and wish to control and dominate Life, Liberty, and Property. They know just how to motivate the ignorant through the greatest human deception: contrived necessity. They know how to control the powerless, corral the weak, and convince a morally depleted population to organize and come against their own neighbors. They are those among us who endeavor to rob the innocent of their God given rights to enrich and empower themselves and endanger most precious gifts of Life and at the fatal cost of a free future. They are the very spirit that has caused the institutions of slavery and despotism to rise throughout history.

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William Pitt, The Younger summed it up best when he said, “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom, it is the argument of tyrants, it is the creed of slaves.”

There is a day where every American reflects on who they are, who they want to be, and takes the time to classify themselves. Are you a slave? Are you a tyrant? Or are you a freeman?

John Adams wrote, “Liberty must at all hazards be defended, we have a right to it derived from our maker. But if we had not, our fathers have bought and purchased it for us at the expense of their ease, their estates and their pleasure and their blood.”

So, first, you stand up FOR the weak and ignorant. You stand up to say, we will NOT let you be enslaved. We will defend you as well as our own because that is the call of Liberty that makes America great.

Second, you stand up TO tyrants. You declare your Natural Rights just as we did on July 4, 1776 – That all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. That these rights, being derived from Nature, a gift to all mankind, precede all government and all law; that all laws must be made to conform to our Natural Rights, or they are no law at all.

You tell the tyrant that you will not allow him to enslave your neighbor or allow him to deny us and our future a Right guaranteed by our Creator.

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Mercy Otis Warren made this plea: “America stands armed with resolution and virtue; but she still recoils at the idea of drawing the sword against the nation from whence she derived her origin. Yet Britain, like an unnatural parent, is ready to plunge her dagger into the bosom of her affectionate offspring. But may we not yet hope for more lenient measures!”

You see, it won’t be those who defend Liberty who pray violence. It will be those who have no respect for Life, that hold no love for their brother, who love self more than Liberty and Life – the tyrants and slaves – who will bring violence for violent ends.

Today we stand in defense of our Natural Right to keep and bear arms. And if you find yourself in opposition to this essential Right, if you find yourself thinking it’s necessary to deny us this Right or that someone must control and disarm the people, you have classified yourself… as either the tyrant or the slave.

You see, if we are historically honest there is only one question necessary in the gun control discussion: Do you trust that the people in power will never use the force of government to take your Life, Liberty, or Property? If the answer to that question is “NO”, the discussion is over.

KrisAnne Hall is an attorney and former prosecutor, hosting weekly radio and TV programs and teaching an average of 265 classes each year on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Read full article at krisannehall.com.

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