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Open Borders Biden

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“There’s probably never been a time when candidates are so different. We want law and order. They don’t want law and order. We want strong, closed borders with people able to come in through merit, through a legal process. They don’t want to have any borders at all. They’re going to rip down the wall,” President Trump declared.

Trump called out Biden’s immigration extremism in the Rose Garden. Earlier, task forces from the Biden and Sanders campaign had released the Biden-Sanders unity policy recommendations.

The co-chair of the immigration task force, Marielena Hincapie, is the executive director of the National Immigration Law Center which is funded, by among others, George Soros. Other members of the task force included Marisa Franco, who had called for “dismantling ICE”, and Javier Valdes, the executive director of Make the Road which supports abolishing ICE and letting illegal aliens vote in state elections.

Make the Road was part of an anti-Trump coalition funded by Soros.

The Biden campaign had outsourced its policymaking to a radical Hungarian billionaire with a passion for open borders. The attack on our immigration system that President Trump called out was the result.

“And these are actual key elements of the Biden Sanders unity platform,” President Trump said.

Open Borders

“Well, basically, as you know, what they’re going to do is they’re going to rip down the wall. They’re taking it down. They want to take down the wall,” President Trump warned in the Rose Garden.

The Biden-Sanders task force proposal actually goes beyond that, promising that Democrats will “rescind President Trump’s fabricated ‘National Emergency'” and end the wall. The proposal claims that the wall, which was meant to stop the huge influx of migrants, is “unnecessary”. It’s unnecessary because Biden and most Democrats don’t believe that America should have borders or immigration restrictions.

The Democrats want to go back to the days when Biden last held office and the function of the border patrol was to hand out snacks to illegal migrants and help them enter America.

Catch and Release

The Biden-Sanders plan calls for “community-based alternatives to detention.”

As President Trump succinctly put it, “abolish immigration detention, no more detention. You come in here illegally, no more detention.”

There’s no border enforcement without detention. Just as there’s no criminal justice system without detaining criminals. Once illegal migrants are released, few of them ever show up for a hearing. Why would they? Their whole goal is to enter the country and work here illegally. Few of their claims of persecution would stand up at a hearing and they know it.

“Catch and release is gone. So many different things have taken place. We used to catch them, take their name, and release them into our country. We don’t do that anymore. We now release them back where they came from. Sometimes we’ll bring them back to their country,” President Trump said.

Catch and release has been tried for decades. And it’s failed.

America’s huge illegal alien population is partly due to catch and release policies. Catch and release policies are why massive illegal alien caravans have headed for our border, knowing that they will be released, instead of detained. Biden would like to bring back the worst catch and release days of the Obama administration and his call for community detention is just catch and release by another name.

Mass Illegal Alien Amnesty

“Grant mass amnesty. Everybody gets amnesty, mass amnesty. Think of that. And this has created a roadmap to citizenship for massive, massive numbers,” President Trump warned.

“Democrats believe it is long past time to provide a roadmap to citizenship for the millions of undocumented workers,” the Biden-Sanders proposal demands.

How many millions is that? The Biden-Sanders task force carefully doesn’t clarify.

But, as the country staggers under the weight of mass unemployment, mass amnesty is a monumental betrayal of American workers, cutting off their dreams, and denying them any hope of a job.

But Biden doesn’t care because what the Democrats really want are illegal alien votes. And if millions of Americans lose their jobs and their homes, that’s a small price to pay for millions of illegal alien votes.

Jihadis Welcome

“We will immediately terminate the Trump Administration’s discriminatory travel and immigration bans that disproportionately impact Muslim and African people,” the Biden-Sanders task force vows.

“End all travel bans including from Jihadist regions,” President Trump warned against such a foolish and destructive policy. “We have a very strong travel ban, and we don’t want people that are going to come in and blow up our cities.”

The Democrats not only want them, but the Biden-Sanders task force promises to invite any potential terrorists whose visas were denied because of the travel ban to “re-apply to come to the United States.”

The Islamic terrorist attacks of tomorrow will be brought to you by Biden’s terror amnesty.

If Your Country Has a Crime Problem, Apply for Refugee Status

The refugee system was created for people fleeing oppression, not bad neighborhoods. But the Biden-Sanders task force promises to go back to the broken policy of allowing asylum requests by people complaining about gang violence. The so-called “victims” of gang violence are often involved in it and allowing them to apply for asylum has helped boost the gang violence problem in America.

And gang violence is the main cause of gun violence in America.

Mass immigration from gang countries, like El Salvador, just like mass migration from Jihadist countries, like Syria and Iraq, brings gang violence to America. The Democrats claim that they want to end gun violence by banning guns. That didn’t work in Europe and it won’t work here. The best way to stop gun violence is to cut off the flow of new gang members to America by ending open borders asylum.

Instead, Biden is telling Americans that if they like their MS-13 beheadings, they can keep them.

Free Health Care for Illegal Aliens

“They want government healthcare for all illegal aliens. This is part of their plan. I’m not making this up. This is all down in their plan from last week,” President Trump said.

And, indeed, the Biden-Sanders plan calls for expanding ObamaCare to DACA illegal aliens and rushing new immigrants into Medicaid without a waiting period.

“Sign new immigrants up for welfare immediately. This is Joe Biden. So they walk off and they come in and they put a foot into our land, and we sign up new immigrants up for welfare. We sign them up immediately. They get welfare benefits. United States citizens. Don’t get what they’re looking to give illegal immigrants. Think of that,” President Trump expressed his frustration. “Sign up. It’s hard to believe I’m even reading that, new immigrants for welfare immediately. Not to mention the cost of this which is incalculable. The cost of this is so crazy.”

The Biden-Sanders plan claims that illegal aliens need free health care because of the Wuhan Virus.

But, as President Trump points out, Democrat support for open borders is what really spread the virus.

“The wall was so timely because it stopped people coming in from heavily infected areas of Mexico. If we had that, we would be in trouble like you wouldn’t believe,” President Trump said.

Come to America, Get on Welfare

“End requirement for immigrant self-sufficiency and maximize their welfare. Now, this is us writing this. Who’s not coming to the United States? Every person from South America is going to pour in,” President Trump fumed.

The Biden-Sanders plan not only wants quick Medicaid for immigrants, but promises to “immediately halt enforcement of and rescind the Trump Administration’s un-American immigrant wealth test.”

Determining whether new immigrants can support themselves, or whether they will become a burden on taxpayers, is not a wealth test and it’s not un-American.

It’s how America’s immigration system was always meant to work.

The Biden-Sanders plan will force the citizens of a country already struggling with the economic havoc of the pandemic lockdowns and the Black Lives Matter riots to shoulder the burden of welfare migrants.

“Every person from other countries, they’re going to be pouring in. End requirement, think of that, for immigrant self-sufficiency and remember to maximize welfare. So we give it a maximum. Then we have massively expand immigration during a global pandemic, taking jobs from unemployed Americans,” President Trump pointed out.

Are You an Illegal Alien? Welcome Back to America.

The Biden-Sanders plan really rolls out the red carpet for illegal aliens who had been banned from returning to America.

“The task force calls for eliminating “immigration barriers, such as the 3- and 10-year bars, and remove the 10-year waiting period for waivers to the permanent bars.”

The 3- and 10-year bans are for illegal aliens who were living in the United States.

The Biden-Sanders plan would make it very easy for those illegal aliens to emigrate to the United States if they have family members already living here.

Chain Migration Puts American Taxpayers in Chains

“Vastly expand low-skilled immigration to the United States. So they want a lot of people come in with low skills,” President Trump said.

As the president had already pointed out, quite a lot of American low-skilled workers had lost their jobs because of the pandemic lockdowns. Bringing in large numbers of low-skilled workers would cripple the American workforce.

Especially the African-American workforce.

But the Biden-Sanders plan doubles down on the Democrat commitment to chain migration, declaring that it will build immigration policy around “family unity”.

Chain migration means lots of low-skilled and welfare immigrants flooding America.

Protecting Illegal Aliens and Their Employers From the Law

The Biden-Sanders plan calls for making every place illegal aliens work into a “sanctuary” workplace.

The task force promises to “end workplace and community raids”.

The proposal would effectively end domestic immigration enforcement. As President Trump said, “abolish immigration enforcement against illegal workers. Think of that.”

The victims of this policy will be the American workers and unemployed Americans who won’t even have a shot because their jobs will be taken by illegal aliens who will be protected from workplace raids.

The plan sends employers of illegal aliens the message that Joe Biden has their back.

A Radical Attack on American Workers

As President Trump said, “This is Biden. Biden’s gone radical left.”

The Biden-Sanders open borders, amnesty, and welfare plan goes beyond Obama. It incorporates proposals from Soros grantees and Sanders allies that would end America as an independent nation.

These proposals would break the back of American workers and reduce much of the population to welfare status. They represent the worst attack on the American working class in history.

President Trump is now under attack for condemning the Biden-Sanders plan in the Rose Garden. Meanwhile, the Democrats, who claim to care about workers, refuse to condemn Biden’s descent into a radical extremism that puts illegal aliens first and American workers last.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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