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Predictive Programming Used In 2009 Video Game – La Palma Island Volcano & Tsunami To Wipe Out East Coast Of US (Video)

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On Saturday, I reported on the grid-like seismic activity on the La Palma Island where a volcano has been erupting.  In that report, I included a video of a 2009 video game that claims that the peninsula of La Palma would slide off into the sea if they manipulate the water to cause explosions, but there’s more.

According to that video, the villains love the island because of the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

“The fragility of the western era of the volcano is full of cracks and fissures through which the water,” the narrative goes.

“Now comes the interesting part,” the voice continues.  “If we place different pumps in carefully calculated points, the thermonuclear explosions will allow us to heat the water and make it evaporate instantly.  If you pay this attention in physics class, you will know that the sudden evaporation of water will create the pressure necessary to destroy the fragile hip of the volcano and make it collapse against the water.”

The voice adds, “You imagine what will happen after.  Exactly!  A tsunami! Waves 200 meters high will cross the Atlantic at the speed of an airplane.”

“The tsunami will sweep the east coast of the united States… New York will disappear…” and the video ends, though more obviously follows.

Take a look for yourself.

Now, examine real life.  When I wrote the first report, I pointed out the following:

According to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre’s own website, there was a mass of seismic activity on October 21.

Take a look at these photographs.  As we zoom in, prepare yourself for photograph 3.

Now, to be clear, the archive of this page is located here. You can view it for yourself.

I’m also including this live video I created to show you that it is real.

If the virtual predictive programming in Secret Files becomes a reality, we need people on the east coast watching and ready to move inland as quickly as possible.

Second, it’s going to be catastrophic for the economy, society and difficult to obtain food, clean water and other necessities.

Make sure you are prepared.

Tim Brown

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