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Proposed Bill in NY Legislature Would Allow Medically-Assisted Suicide

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No one likes pain. For most of us, the one thing we fear the most would be a prolonged painful death. No one wishes to have to endure some illness that will take us from our family while in the process costing us significant amounts of money to treat.

Is a way out of such suffering the correct answer? Yes, if there is a cure we should take it, but is death a cure? And if it is, then who makes that decision? Well, New York State will be debating such questions soon.

Christian News reports:

An Assembly Committee in New York has approved the advancement of a bill that would allow terminally ill patients to request from their doctors a lethal prescription to hasten their death.

The Medical Aid in Dying Act was introduced during a press conference on May 10 in the state’s capital. It is sponsored by Democratic Rep. Amy Paulin and is based on Oregon’s “Death With Dignity Act,” under which Brittany Maynard ended her life in 2014.

This legislation would allow people diagnosed with a terminal illness the option of voluntarily taking poison to kill them. These poisons will be prescribed by a physician after approval by the state.

But, will this give the state and insurers an open door to push for this cost-effective alternative to a long-term and expensive procedure?

Christian News reports:

“By hastily rubber-stamping this deeply problematic proposal, the Committee has taken a step toward a future in which the lives of terminally-ill persons are treated as expendable, and in which insurance companies will be at liberty to make cost-saving coverage decisions that steer vulnerable individuals toward physician-assisted death,” said Executive Director Jason McGuire.

Would this lead to a give up attitude by some in the now state-run healthcare system? Is this not one of the things that many were concerned about? This is one small step away from the death panels that we all warned about.

As Christians, we know that God is in control of even our suffering, and though we wish for our suffering to be short, we should seek deliverance through the sickness and not from it. Those who have faith have to trust that even this is for our good and God’s glory.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.

Tim Brown

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