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Putting Your Safety At Risk In The Name Of Diversity: The FAA’s Irrelevant Hiring Criteria

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So, not only are the American people being subjected to unconstitutional violations of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the united States Constitution by the Department of Homeland Security, but they are unknowingly being put in danger by utterly irrelevant hiring criteria that was laid down by the Federal Aviation Administration under the Obama administration in the name of diversity.

Activists inside the federal government decided that air traffic controllers weren’t diverse enough and in recent years and in the first step of the hiring process, used a ‘biographical questionnaire’ to screen potential employees. One man is suing the FAA for its updated hiring practice.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has been harping on this issue in several recent presentations.  Take a look at how the FAA is sacrificing your safety for diversity.

He then laid out when and how the criteria was forged into policy during the Obama administration.

There was no explanation as to why diversity is a necessary criterion for air traffic controllers.  Even when asked by Carlson, the FAA had no explanation.

In fact, it might be of interest to note that Carlson pointed out just how “unqualified” certain air traffic controller applicants are compared to those who are clearly more qualified.

In 2014, the FAA added a biographical questionnaire to the application process.  According to Carlson, applicants with a lower aptitude in science got a greater preference than those who scored excellent in science.

It gets worse.

Applicants who had been unemployed for the previous three years got more points than licensed pilots!

“In other words, the FAA actively searched for unqualified air traffic controllers,” said Carlson.  “That is insane and they knew it was insane when they did it but they did it anyway.”

Carlson obtained an email from the executive at the firm that devised the questionnaire.  In the email, the executive admits that the test has nothing to do with finding the best air traffic controllers.

So, how are you to find the best air traffic controllers?  According to this executive, “find people with experience.”

Well, I can’t argue with that, but if that is what he believes, why produce a questionnaire that has nothing to do with finding people with experience and everything to do with finding people who simply are not qualified?

The FAA’s top spokesman, Greg Martin, and Acting FAA Administrator Daniel Ewell about the criteria being used to hir air traffic controllers, but neither of them had an answer and both, it seems, appear too cowardly to appear on Carlson’s show to give an answer to the American people as to why they would subject us to unqualified people taking jobs as air traffic controllers.

However, a former air traffic controller and attorney, Michael Pearson, is now suing the FAA over their hiring practices.

Pearson told Carlson that not only was his reporting spot on, but may have been understated.

“In late 2011, early 2012, members of the National Black Controllers Association had a meeting with the Rainbow Push Coalition, Jesse Jackson and some high-level officials,” Pearson recalled.  “Right after that meeting, they put an immediate hold on hiring.  They stopped hiring.”

“They have used excuses like sequestering, but that’s not really what happened,” he continued.  “Basically they shut down the process even though the nation needed air traffic controllers.  Lots were retiring.  The system needed new trainees to go through the system because it takes time to get through, but they did that consciously.”

He then told how there was a systematic purge of qualified students in graduate programs across the country.

“The purge of the 2,600 or more qualified CTI students in graduate programs across the country, including traditionally black and disadvantaged colleges were wiped off a list and, by the way, that list, the 2,6000 folks included a large percentage of female and minority applicants who would have been fantastic air traffic controllers,” Pearson said.

So, it looks like once again this was nothing but the Obama administration trying to demonstrate just how racist they were by basically mandating people have jobs based on skin color, gender, culture or whatever, but not necessarily qualifications.

Those students were going to school as training for the job.

Pearson then went on and spoke about the biographical assessment.

“It wasn’t supposed to be used the way it was,” he said.  “Actually the creator notified them of that.”

“In effect,” he said, “that test punished people with aviation knowledge, any air traffic control experience, any aviation experience, any science experience and then they came out and they actually had one individual, Public Relations of the Southwest Region publish that it was for diversity.”

Of course, that was immediately pulled back and damage control ensued to state the FAA was looking for the “best and brightest candidates.”

Tucker later followed up asking whether or not Congress would impose standards on air traffic controllers.

Frankly, I question whether or not the federal government should be involved in air traffic control in the first place.  It really is all the bureaucracy that foments this kind of behavior and relaxed attention at the cost of taxpayers.

I’m not quite sure where in the Constitution such authority was given to Washington, but the less centralized this is, the better for everyone involved, including you and me.

I bring you this story based on a recent event that happened to another writer who contributes here.  This is what she wrote to me:

Recently, my husband and I (describing us as “frequent flyers” would be a gross understatement) were subjected to an LAX landing debacle unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.
Upon our return to LAX from Europe, our pilot went down for a landing, then very suddenly jerked back up thousands of feet and circled for about 5-10 minutes before attempting a second landing. We had been very close to the ground on the first pass but must have been in the flight path of another plane.

We never found out what happened.  There was no explanation. Our European pilot was obviously shaken as he made an announcement about the “mishap” in his native language and faltered miserably when he switched to English.  What he said was unintelligible and the flight attendants brushed off our concerns.

Is it possible that an unqualified air traffic controller was manning the helm in this incident?  It’s possible.  No one knows, but there is no doubt that this is really bad policy from the FAA.  We’ve come to expect nothing less from the Obama administration.

It’s time things were changed for the safety of the paying flyers, pilots flight crew, and everyone else on the ground.  After all, do you care what color the person’s skin is or their gender if they are qualified to do the job?  I will tell you I care if their religion is Islam.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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