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Representative Files Resolution of “Condemnation and Censure” against Obama – Where’s the Articles of Impeachment?

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Hold the phone, stop the presses, and slap Geraldo Rivera! Seriously, if any action by any congressional representative would cause those three to happen, many people would certainly be ecstatic. The inaction of Congress in dealing with an out of control executive causes frustration among the citizens of this nation. When Congress is out of control as well, citizens feel more than frustration — a mixture of feelings ranging from frustration to anger to disbelief.

Let’s face it; Congress is definitely out of control and no longer representatives of the people. When another Congressman comes out with an action against Hussein Soetoro, the reaction might as well be a yawn. The House of Representative and the Senate have done nothing but enable the traitor in the White House while they rape the citizenry through joining with lobbyists.

Breitbart reports that Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) introduced “a Resolution of Condemnation and Censure” against Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah.

The resolution states that “President Barack Obama has failed to fulfill his duty in article II, section 2 of the Constitution of the United States, that he has failed to ensure a strong national defense, has failed to fulfill his duty in article II, section 3 of the Constitution of the United States, and that his foreign policy has led to increased global instability.”

In the words of Hub McCaan, played by Robert Duval in Secondhand Lions, “Whoop de doo.”

It goes on to add, “the House of Representatives ‘hereby censure and condemn President Barack Obama for having willfully disregarded the President’s constitutional responsibilities as Commander in Chief of the United States through his continued failed lack of foreign affairs strategy, failure to follow the advice of military and intelligence advisors, and failed national security policy’.”

Yoho’s “resolution” is nothing more than saying, “You’ve been a bad boy, Barry.”

In an interview with Breitbart, Yoho stated that Hussein Soetoro’s foreign policies have been disasters for every nation on the planet. (Gee whiz. Some knew that quite some time ago.) He declared Iran as the only nation that is better off under the executive’s failed foreign policies. (Duh. Ya think?)

Someone needs to find out if Yoho was abducted by aliens. There is no possible way he could just now be declaring this when many have been yelling it from the rooftops for six or seven years. Who really cares if Congress condemns and censures Hussein Soetoro? Impeachment is the answer. However, these charlatans do any and everything except follow the Constitution.

“The one thing he can’t tout is his accomplishments in foreign affairs and our national security,” Yoho told Breitbart News. “He has been a disaster in that,” Yoho added.

“The world is less safe. Americans are less safe. We’ve got terrorists on our soil here and it’s because of his failure, whether you look at it in Afghanistan or Iraq policies with announcing troop withdrawals.”

If Yoho truly believes what he is peddling, he should draft Articles of Impeachment, present them before the House and take a vote to impeach. He’s pandering at this point since he is up for re-election in November, as are all members of the House of Representatives. This is obvious in his next statements in the Breitbart interview.

Yoho told Breitbart News that Obama’s foreign policy in Iraq and Afghanistan have “allowed the Taliban to move in and incidentally the Taliban controls more land mass today than they ever have.” He added that this has “led to the creation of ISIS.”

Yoho also said that Obama’s strategy in Syria has “allowed Assad to kill or slaughter over 300,000 of his own people. That has led to the largest mass exodus since WW2.”

Yoho acts as though he doesn’t know the federal government and the CIA created ISIS. He is peddling the same old manure just on a different day, what can be termed as SS/DD (same stuff/different day). Like a parrot, Yoho repeats a false rhetoric about Assad and the ISIS invasion of the West. Surely, he doesn’t expect his constituents to buy his snake oil, does he? In truth, he does; and, in fact, the sheeple will.

Anyone reading the news regularly would know his actions are part of a game plan, developed by his campaign manager, in order to seek re-election in the fall.

Here is a list of foreign policy failures Yoho included in his “resolution.”

2009 – U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan took 13 lives and injured more than 30 others in the worst attack on an American military base. Obama’s DOD classifies the attack as workplace violence.
2012 – Islamic militants kill Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in attacks on U.S. diplomatic compounds in Benghazi, Libya.  Obama’s U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, Secretary of State Clinton, and Press Secretary J. Carney blame a YouTube video.
2013 – Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev kill four – including Officer Collier and 8-year-old Martin Richard – and injure over 250.  Obama’s Administration ignores advance intelligence on the radicalization of Dzhokhar.
2015 – Mohamman Abdulazeez opens fire on Chattanooga, TN, military facility killing four Marines. Obama calls it a mass shooting and calls for stricter gun control.
2015 – San Bernardino shooters Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik kill 14 and injure 22. Obama calls for stricter gun control.
2016 – Philadelphia, PA, self-proclaimed jihadist, Edward Archer ambushes Officer Hartnett “in the name of Islam.” Obama’s Press Secretary Josh Earnest calls for stricter gun laws.

All of these are “foreign policy failures?” The only incident that did not occur on US soil is the attack on Benghazi by Islamists. In looking at the others, one could say it was domestic policy failures, particularly as it relates to Islam, Muslims and legal and illegal immigration of Muslims. In all of these incidents, Hussein Soetoro blamed everything but Islam and called for more unconstitutional gun control measures.

As to be expected, the typical dumb-bum comments amounted to doing “high fives,” chest bumps and fist pumps with phrases, “Yahoo, Yoho,” “It’s about time,” and “where do I sign?” Only a few questioned Soho’s sincerity.

It’s absolutely pathetic the American public knows no more about the Constitution, the functions of Congress, and what is “politics” and dog and pony shows than they do. There is definitely a problem in America — a brainwashing problem. The left liberals have always sought to undermine the Constitution and this nation. However, to find so many self-proclaimed conservatives buying these inactions as “actions” truly indicates how effective the government brainwashing techniques have been.

Somehow, many Americans forgot how to read, understand and comprehend what they read. It’s one Big flop that some representative who is up for re-election introduces a “resolution” that condemns and censures Hussein Soetoro. Instead of drinking this snake oil, the people should be asking where are the Articles of Impeachment the Constitution authorizes when the executive commits “high crimes and misdemeanors” as well as treason. Honestly, someone should ask, “What is this to accomplish?” No one does. When the “superstar” radio talk show hosts and news “talking heads” and “Silicone Barbies” question it, the “I don’t have a brain” individuals will then repeat and parrot what they say on Yoho’s resolutions.

Maybe, Yoho can put his “resolutions” where Boehner’s “lawsuit” went — plenty did the “high five” thing on Boehner’ bungle. Instead of representatives wasting their time with lawsuits and “resolutions of condemnation and censure,” they might try following the Constitution and be productive in drafting Articles of Impeachment. No one needs to be going to the crutch, “the Senate won’t convict” since what the Senate does has no impact on the House doing its duty according to the Constitution.

In case some don’t know, the founding fathers wrote the Constitution in language that any average citizen can read and understand. If you doubt that, ask yourself one question. Why would the framers use “we the people” in the preamble and designate “the people” as guardians of the Constitution if, according to the opinion of some, it takes a “constitutional lawyer” or radio personality to tell you what it says?

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