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Ron Paul — “This Current Election Cycle Represents the Dumbing Down of America”

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Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

In an interview with former freedom fighter turned Donald Trump-cheerleader, Alex Jones, Ron Paul shows us that years after he’s gotten out of the government, he’s remained vigilant on fighting the status quo.

“What they (the establishment) have going for them right now is the dumbing down of America,” says Paul after Jones asks him about the elite’s next move. “In many ways, they have been successful by getting hold of the public school system and teaching people bad economics, bad foreign policy, and all the things that are wrong.”

As Ron Paul notes, if society were taught to question wars or military action, the current quagmire in the Middle East would be non-existent as it would never have been started. Also, if children weren’t taught that the Federal Reserve system of fractional reserve lending is how economies are built, the pending financial collapse would be a myth.

Unfortunately, the reality is that Americans support wars, support the Federal Reserve, and support a corrupt government — because they’ve all been taught from childhood to love the state.

However, as Dr. Paul points out, “the failure is there.” As the establishment’s paradigm comes crashing down due to people becoming more informed, “they will become more authoritarian. I think that is exactly what they’re doing,” explains the former congressman.

“It isn’t a partisan thing,” explains Dr. Paul, as Alex Jones preps to dumb down the interview by talking about irrelevant bathroom issues. “The Nancy Pelosis of the world and the John Boehners of the world were much more buddies than anybody realized. The parties mean very little.”

After shattering the left-right paradigm, Dr. Paul goes on to address the circus that has divided and led to so much turmoil in the country today — the current election cycle. In case after violent case, we see Bernie supporters being attacked by Trump supporters and Trump supporters being attacked by Bernie supports and a general theme of hatred toward our fellow human. Sadly, these people, including many great minds in the political analysis field, have bought back into this paradigm and have ignorantly chosen a side, failing to realize that these ‘sides’ are both on the same coin.

“This current election cycle represents the dumbing down of America,” aptly explains the former congressman.

Remaining optimistic, Paul begs the question, “Should we run for the hills, or should we continue the fight? Obviously, I’m here for the fight,” he answers.”To me, it’s an intellectual fight. We have to beat them with better ideas and I think that there is a receptive audience out there.”

As Jones attempts to water down the conversation with talk about which bathrooms people should use, Paul stays on point explaining that people have the right to do with their bodies and their property as they wish.

Jones then embarrassingly attempts to get Ron Paul to endorse, if not all, at least a portion of Trump’s policies. The result was nothing short of what we, in the liberty movement, have come to expect from Ron Paul.

After a several-minutes-long Trump-pumping, Jones finally gives the floor to Dr. Paul in an attempt trick the congressman into a partial endorsement. But Ron Paul answers back by saying, “I have no idea what he believes in. His economic policies are all over the place.”

Noting his calls to control the internet, ban religion, and torture people, Dr. Paul says of Trump, “I think he is an authoritarian. I want someone to leave me alone, and he won’t leave me alone. I think Trump will be the champion of the executive order.”

After Jones’ attempt to trick Paul into an endorsement fails, Jones backpedals claiming that at least Trump may try to audit the fed. But Paul is no dummy, and he can see right through it.

“I don’t believe that any republican or democrat running in this last year, other than Rand, would audit the federal reserve,” blasts Paul. “Trump doesn’t think the interest rate should ever raise. He loves the idea that the Fed has it decreased down to zero percent because his business deals depend on that.”

Below is what a true champion of liberty looks like — refusing to play along with the establishment’s game, Ron Paul shines brightly while others in the movement pander to the dark side.

The Washington Standard

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