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SOTU Recap: The Good, The Bad, The Constitutional & The Unconstitutional

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While a lot of people simply go to one side or the other when it comes to the State of the Union Address, there was much to talk about.  Usually, those wearing a “D” on their jersey will praise the president if he is a Democrat and run him through if he is a Republican.  It happens vice versa too.  The problem is in the support of a cult of personality rather than the Constitution and the law.  With that said, I decided to finally go through the State of the Union address from Tuesday evening on Facebook this morning and provide my own commentary.

Sure, I’m not some scholar, but I don’t bite onto everything put out that claims it is good.  I’ll tell you though, as far as being positive and an enjoyable speech, I thought President Trump provided a good speech, and some of the guests were wonderful.  Of course, I think my favorite was the American and the Jewish man he rescued in Germany in World War II.

However, while there were some good points, there were also some unconstitutional promises and concerning the USMCA, it was just an outright lie.  Here’s just a few articles that prove my brief comments on it.

I’m happy to take criticism for my comments, just let the criticism actually be about what I said and cite the Constitution and its original meaning.  I say this because in my time of writing, I can tell that there are those on my side who often idolize those in the Republicans Party, including President Trump, in a manner similar to those who did the very same thing with the usurper-in-chief, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah.  Remember, everything our representatives do and this man does affect our rights, and that should be enough for anyone to pay special attention to what is being said and what is being done that affects our rights.  Otherwise, I hope it is helpful.

Posted by Tim Brown on Thursday, February 7, 2019

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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