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Stop The Fascism! Businesses Have No Business In Education!

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, in the last article we left off with 5 more States to go in looking at CESAs, Co-operative Educational Service Agencies. If you missed Part One, go here. In that article, we looked at WI, WV, CO, NC, and, NY.

*Today, we’ll look at NM, CT, AZ, MN, and, KY.

*We’ll also tie this back to the CCSS Machine and the federal government. Who knows, we’ll probably be able to tie it to the global education reform.

Quick reminder: CESAs join school districts to each other and the State. However, they also tie to the CCSS Machine, the federal government and P3s (public private partnerships). CESAs, depending on the State, offer everything, including the kitchen sink, to your students, families, and, communities. ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) expanded that opporunity tremendously via WASPs (Wrap Around Service Programs). As we saw in Part One, a global biophysical assessment is in use via some CESAs and in other countries.

New Mexico’s CESAs:

Warriors, according to Guide Star, the NM Co-operative Educational Service Agencies want to be the best in the country. On YouTube, the NM CESAs have a Top 5 list. Listen and you’ll hear almost nothing about education’s purpose, but its purchase power.

lazy_placeholderLook below and note the extensive services NM’s CESAs offer:

lazy_placeholderWarriors, the STARS system is housed in the NM Dept. of Education. Go here to look at the how MUCH data is collected (*Note: use the STARS Public tab).

CT’s CESAs, RESCs, And CESA Foundation:

Warriors, CT has been the only State I’ve found where their CESAs have a Foundation which is separate from the Agencies. RESCs are Regional Education Service Centers and are separate, as well. The RESCs also formed an Alliance. If you’d like to see what the RESC Alliance believes comes first in education, it’s economics. Read their entire set of beliefs, here. The RESCs offer much of the same services for students, families, and, communities as the other States we’ve looked at. However, CT’s also handles ‘choice’ programs for education as well a magnet schools.

Be sure to open the picture in a new window to enlarge it. Read the ‘school readiness’ quote and then consider this is for early childhood, not elementary ages. Go here to read the rest of the ‘readiness’ mumbo jumbo it’s under ‘philosophy’.



Warriors, the 9 districts KY is broken up into for CESAs have their own websites. One each one, you can find the visions, partners, and, more. You’ll see Microsoft, the Gates Foundation, Dollywood Foundation, U.S. Dept. of Ed, and many others. These CESAs are within the KY Dept. of Education.


MN’s Service Co-operatives:

Warriors, MN has SC (Service Co-ops). These are held to a Joint Powers State StatuteIt’s in the history of the SCs that you can see the name changes but also the first hint of how each of the States is tied to the federal education funding stream. Title 3 funds. What are Title 3 funds? These target ELLs (English Language Learners).

lazy_placeholderEach SC has its own website (you can access the main page with all the website addresses, above, see 9 SC). From what I found, CTE (Career Tech Education) and early childhood screenings are big items. In this district the early childhood screenings, once conducted by public health nurses, are being completed by teachers.

A partner to the MN SCs is the MN Regional Centers of Excellence. These Centers are a part of the MN Dept. of Education and work with school districts and all charter schools. Take about 7 minutes and listen to the CCSS Machine rhetoric from these education leaders.


AZ’s  Co-ops:

Warriors, AZ has CESAs (County Education Services Agencies) AND2 RESAs (Regional Education Services Agencies). These are all housed in the AZ Dept. of Education. I was able to find that in one of the regional agencies, homeschooling is listed among the services offered. Why would you find homeschooling in a State Dept of Education? AZ has ESAs (Education Savings Accounts) for ‘school choice’.


As we’ve seen ‘school choice’, under ESSA, is a lie. How? Page 17 of the law clearly stated that ALL education MUST be aligned to the SAME post-secondary readiness standards as laid out in WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act).

lazy_placeholderBack in 2019, I wrote a scathing researched article about AZ Rep. Biggs and his quasi-anti CCSS Bill for the nation. The Bill has been re-introduced, but has gone nowhere. I also covered the ‘school choice’ ruse in that article.

The second AZ Regional ESA partners with comunity colleges and the Univ. of AZ for K-12 education and community ‘outreach’. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math) are woven into the services as well.

Warriors, since each county has its own ESA, what does that mean, as far as power, or abuse of that power?


Special Needs’ CESAs?

Warriors, if you’ve noticed the States I’ve shown you so far, have lumped special needs services right in among the services for all other types of students. However, the NASDSE (Nat’l Assoc. of State Directors for Special Needs) has all 50 States included for ESAs (Education Service Agencies). Note some are co-operatives.

lazy_placeholderTo access the full in FORUM 2006 Report, go here. The NASDSE isn’t new to my research, I’ve exposed their CCSS Machine alignment repeatedly, this article from 2016 is full of relevant ties to ruin special needs children’s education.

If you missed the IDEA funds (embedded in ESSA) and their partnership with the NASDSE, read this. You’ll also see the Gates Foundation.


Title 3 Funds And CESAs:

Warriors, Title 3 (Title III) funds were embedded in the ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) and were automatically carried over when ESEA became ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act)Title 3 funds are set aside for ELLs (English Language Learners) or EL (English Learners). However, as the CCSS Machine’s federal government overreach has done in the past, funds can be spread to all kinds of educational subsections.

In this case, special needs can also be found in ELLs/ELs. So can Native Americans, Veterans, etc.. Many of the CESAs/ESAs offer services to all kinds of student/family populations. Remember, these educational services are not exclusive to students. They are available to families and whole communities. 


From the U.S. Dept. of Education, this guide for Title III funds. Note all the groups these taxpayer dollars impact. 
For example, early childhood education is among them. Be sure to enlarge the image below to see ALL the overreaches.


Related Resources:
1) Did you know e-rates (those small fees in our phone bills) goes to help fund ESAsRead about the issues surrounding this as far as data.

2) Based in TX, this national association for eduation services has lots of information. They are present in 45 StatesAESA (Assoc. of Educational Service Agencies) has an upcoming conference, be sure to check out the agenda, here.

3) If you missed my recent article about Amazon (as seen above) and mental health, go here.


Warriors, you’ve heard me tell you for quite some time, education isn’t local. It’s downright corrupt! As far as global ties for CESAs and education? It’s there, because the U.S. Dept. of Education’s there! It’s there because the CCSS Machine is there, too.

I understand, under current circumstances, education’s as local as it can get (in your homes). Cherish that time together. Ditch as much of the CCSS Machine’s overreaches and system as you can. I’ll be broadcasting a live presentation, sometime this week to help encourage you, while you’re at home with the kids. Have questions, leave them in the comments! I’ll have some great ideas to share with you! Until then, hang in there!

Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

Lynne Taylor

From 2002 to today, Lynne has been a featured speaker at small meetings and large conferences. Since 2009, she has served as a frequent guest on nationwide radio and multimedia shows. Lynne also co-established PIE NC (Preserving Integrity and Excellence in Education). She is a retired private (homeschool) teacher and regionally recognized support group leader. She has also been a business owner, worked with children's ministry and currently is an education liaison for Protecting Innocence Campaign (based in OH), wife and mom. Lynne is also an adviser to the national grassroots campaign "Child Abuse in the Classroom", where it is the campaign's belief that "Repealing ESSA and Restoring FERPA" are the best ways to help restore our nation's education system. She was also awarded the 2011 Distinguished Educator from the National Society of High School Scholars, as well as the 2016 L&B Network's Torchbearer Award for educational advocacy. She has been recognized by her peers as an expert in Common Core, Career Tech Education, Career Pathways, workforce and competency-based education reform, federal overreaches into education and our families.
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