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Teen Student Wields 2 Knives at Students – Cop Takes Him Down With 1 Shot (Video)

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What are kids thinking doing something this stupid? A 14-year-old high school student was taken down with one shot by a campus police officer after wielding two knives in attempt to stab fellow students.

One student captured the incident and the shooting on video. (Warning: Strong Language)

Logan Clark is a student at Proctor R. Hug High School in Reno, Nevada. According to his father, Clark claims that he was being bullied at school and so he brought knives with him.

The Daily Mail reports:

Police Chief Jason Soto said that the boy was ‘armed with at least one knife and threatening other students’ during a fight at the high school in a working class neighborhood on the city’s north side.

The armed student failed to comply with the school police officer’s verbal commands to drop the knife, and the officer ultimately fired his service weapon, ‘striking the student and … stopping the threat,’ Soto said.

‘Once the threat was stopped, the officer immediately began to provide medical aid to the student until emergency medical assistance arrived,’ Soto said. He refused to take any questions.

Clark was in critical condition.

His father, Justin Clark, posted on Facebook.

He added.

Now, there are a number of things that should be addressed here. First, let’s go right where the problem begins. Mr. Clark, what are you doing sending you’re a son to a state-controlled indoctrination center where he is not only indoctrinated, but bullied? It is your responsibility to educate your children, not the state’s.

Second, Clark is right in pointing out that the officer could have used the non-lethal means of a taser to deal with his son. I don’t think a gun was necessary in this case, but it does demonstrate some of what takes place in public schools.

Third, one has to wonder why this was not dealt with previously by the school if, as Clark says, they knew about it and did nothing.

I understand that Logan has lost part of his lung, and that is bad for him, but I also see in that video a young man running around issuing threats to several students. I’m sorry that kind of behavior is not excused just because someone may bully someone else.

Now, the question that must be on the Obama administration’s mind now is, should we ban knives? No, I don’t think they will use this story because it would go against their agenda to go after guns, which in this case, was used to stop a boy with a knife.

Tim Brown

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