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Texas Church Hero, Jack Wilson, On Bloomberg: ‘If We Did Things His Way, Many More Would Be Dead’

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How many people would have died in that Texas Church if it were not for Jack Wilson?

Michael Bloomberg is a bona fide gun grabber.

He can’t hide it and no longer tries.

Some of his arguments cross the line of insanity and go the route of crazy.

Typical liberal.

Fox News reports that Jack Wilson took the time to rebut some of Bloomberg’s statements.

Had there been no average U.S. citizens with guns — like 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg advocates for — the “carnage” of the shooting inside the West Freeway Church of Christ on December 29 would have been “significantly greater,” Texas church shooting hero Jack Wilson said Wednesday.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” in his first national television interview, Wilson said that even if he and other members of the church had operated by Bloomberg’s “standards or wishes,” the shooter still had seven live rounds in his gun and three more in his pocket discovered after he shot and killed two men.

“Even though the White Settlement police department did arrive in roughly two minutes from the time the first call went it, by that time…the carnage would have been much, much worse,” he said.

Wilson said that the church security team was aware of the shooter when he entered the building wearing a disguise, but “did not anticipate the events that would unfold thereafter.”

According to Wilson, the shooter took Communion before producing his shotgun. He then opened fire and shot Richard White and Anton “Tony” Wallace at point-blank range. From the time the gunman drew his weapon until he was down and it was over, six seconds had passed.

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Good Guys with Guns seldom make National News.

Citizens with guns stop many crimes without ever firing a shot.

Those numbers don’t show up in the statistics.

There is a reason that so many mass shootings happen in gun free zones.

When they don’t, people like Jack Wilson tend to get involved.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

The Washington Standard

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