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The Kamala Transition

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The ‘Biden Must Go’ faction of the Democrat party is solidifying around Kamala as the alternative.

It’s a pretty poor transition, but it has the virtue of being relatively uncomplicated since she’s already on the ticket. All of that depends on Biden agreeing to release the delegates and the money and cooperate with the transition.

Will he do it? That’s the big question.

Biden is digging in his heels, but the pressure is mounting. While no top Dems have yet called for Biden to go, the House Dem leadership isn’t protecting him. (That’s gratitude for you, Pelosi would have had his back, but Hakeem Jeffries doesn’t.) The meeting with the governors went well enough but that’s a facade.

The consensus among top Dems is that pressuring Biden won’t work. That’s why Kamala is also playing it smooth. And they’re letting the media, strategists and donors do the heavy lifting of ejecting Biden.

But it’s not just about Biden. Even assuming Biden can be talked into passing the torch, the Biden family doesn’t want him to leave, and certainly not on these terms, and the whole network of associates, donors, friends, staffers, who would be shown the door by Kamala. Not to mention that nobody wants to work for her.

I’ve been predicting a Biden nomination until now, but that assumed that he would be able to hold it together enough to make it that far. And it looked like that was happening until the debate. It’s a coin flip now.

But the alternative to Biden is pretty clearly emerging as Kamala. Which is mostly inevitable. Not only is it simplest, but if Gov. Newsom had the guts to engineer a coup, he would have done it a whole lot earlier. He’s soft and weak, like Kamala he’s a product of the Willie Brown machine and Willie chose people who were bent, and looked good on camera, but were too weak to challenge him.

Neither Newsom nor Buttigieg had the guts to stand up to Biden, the odds they’ll do anything to grab the nomination now are poor.

Dems now have to pick between Biden and Kamala. That’s like being on a 21-hour flight and having to decide between the moldy stale dinner roll and the tuna packet from 1961.

Not a great place to be.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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