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This is What “Nice” Got Christians and Conservatives

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Years ago, I used to sell newspaper advertising. No, really – I actually did. It was a small-town, conservative publication for which I also did a lot of other work. The community was a fairly conservative one as well, at least in my experience.

Very quickly I noted something that I found extremely disheartening, and it remains so to this day for reasons that will become obvious: Because this was a conservative publication, there were some conservative small business owners and decision makers who were reticent to advertise with us for fear that it would irritate liberal citizens.

I am absolutely not kidding. Conservative business people were basing their business decisions upon what might or might not upset local liberals.

Local conservative business people weren’t afraid to advertise in the local syndicated socialist rag or similar media, nor were liberal business people afraid of what local conservatives might think of them advertising in said socialist rag. I might add that even in this fairly conservative, fairly small community, the local syndicated socialist rag was, content-wise, every bit as disgusting as its San Francisco and New York counterparts.

Where was the sense of conscience and prudence on the part of these conservative business people, many of whom were Christians? Where was the concern for their own civil rights? We’ll get to that presently.
Back then, there was no way for me to grasp the magnitude of what this phenomenon portended, but I’m sure it is as apparent to the reader as it is to me in retrospect. Probably without even realizing it consciously, people of conservative and traditional values were moderating their behavior to accommodate the whims of the politically-correct left. Forget eliminating the word “faggot” from your personal vocabulary, lest someone get wind of it and burn your business down; you don’t even want to advertise in a publication that features news or opinion critical of the homosexual agenda (for example) lest someone get wind of it and burn your business down.
One can only imagine that if business people – whose livelihood depended upon wise decision-making – were so concerned about liberals’ feelings, how much easier it was for the uninformed to succumb to leftist propaganda. With no dog in the fight, no money at risk, and the promise of being acknowledged as caring, compassionate people if they would only assent to the doctrines of social justice and political correctness, why wouldn’t they?

Well, no one was singling out conservative businesses back then, but they sure are now. We’ve all seen the immense pressure that has been brought to bear when Christian business owners – targeted by militant activists for the express purpose of demonizing them – resist aspects of the leftist agenda being foisted upon them. These days, those on the left have no qualms about calling for the burning of such businesses, and even the beating, rape, or murder of their owners.

It was the very sense of compassion and fair play on the part of these business people that was being leveraged against them when earlier on, they began to question their right to advertise in conservative media. Even then, they suspected that resistance might mean hyperbole and gnashing of teeth on the part of local liberals. Why? Because they were already aware that liberals possessed low character.

So, instead of fighting – and taking the slim chance that their business might suffer – they acquiesced, and now we are losing our country.

I ran into a guy I hadn’t seen for awhile in town this week. He was wearing a Bernie Sanders pin. The top of my head nearly blew off. He was glad to see me, so it would have been pretty horrible if I had said what was on my mind.

So I didn’t say what was on my mind…

But you get the picture: Socialists killed nearly half a billion people in the last century, yet there are millions of Americans – people who will not be happy when they experience international socialism’s end game – pumping their fists and cheering for this hoary old communist who is promising the same tired, boilerplate, Utopian bilge: Power to the People, eat the rich, free this and free that, and never mind who’s going to pay for it because his supporters are too deluded or stupid to even raise the question…

We are in serious trouble in America, not because we have people like Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and other walking obscenities in positions of power – but because we have voters who are willing to put them there, keep them there, and who do not even possess the cognitive ability to recognize their crimes as crimes, even when they’re caught with the smoking gun, a fresh corpse, and blood on their hands.

The lesson? The lesson is that conservatives, Christians, and other patriotic Americans should have stood up for themselves from the beginning, if for no other reason than the deluded and the stupid among us might have learned something about civics.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com, the opinions and views shared do not necessarily reflect the views of The Washington Standard.

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