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This Little Man Used Seconds to Save His Little Sister – But Lost His Life Because of it!

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One young South Carolina boy made a life altering decision to save his little sister. The decision actually cost him his life.

La’Darious Wylie, 11, and his sister Sha’Vonta, 7, were at a school bus stop in Chester, South Carolina on October 27. The four-foot-eleven inches tall, 75-pound boy was stuck by a 2003 Nissan driven by Michelle Johnson.

La’Darious made a decision to push his sister out of the way of the oncoming vehicle in an amazing act of self-sacrifice and bravery. The young man suffered such trauma to his head that resulted from “severe damage” to Johnson’s car.

The Herald reported:

La’Darious lunged and pushed his sister, Sha’Vonta, out of the way at the school bus stop in Chester Oct. 27, said Elizabeth McCrorey, the mother of both children.

“He knew to look out for her,” Elizaberth McCrorey said.

Her daughter told the police what happened and that by the time she was able to get up, the car was gone, McCrorey said.

But that heroic action by La’Darious, just 11 years old, barely 4 and a half feet tall and about 75 pounds, means that his sister survived to do things like Tuesday night – go to choir practice.

He sacrificed his own life so that his sister might sing.

Elizabeth McCrorey, who is the mother of Sha’Vonta and La’Darious (a total of seven children) gave approval to donate La’Darious’ organs to help others.

After seeing the mugshot of Johnson, McCrorey said, “I don’t hate her. I just don’t like the fact that she didn’t stop.”

One stranger came to McCrorey’s home and quietly gave her some money “for expenses” and told McCrorey to call on her if needed.

Johnson didn’t stop or render aid to the victim. The event happened on Tuesday. She finally turned herself into police on Thursday.

She has been charged with felony hit and run resulting in death. She posted a $25,000 bond and now faces 25 years in prison.

Cedric Evans, La’Darious’ stepfather responded to the bond, “That’s It? That’s nothing. The boy was killed and she drove away.”

I agree with Evans, but this is the society we have come to embrace, a society that does not seek justice, but often looks to condemn the victims while seeking mercy for the guilty.

Prison for Johnson is not justice. The woman came of her own will to confess her crime. I don’t know what happened. I’m not guessing that she intentionally killed the young boy, but she definitely made the decision to drive off from the scene. Prison will not render justice, but injustice for the family, the town of Chester and for the people of South Carolina.

We’ll see what comes from her trial. As for the young boy, all I can offer is that at that moment he put his sister before himself, and whether or not he was a believer, the words of Christ ring true:

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. –John 15:13

Tim Brown

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