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Trial of the Century: Bundy Ranch Defendants Get A Jury

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I’m thankful for our friends at Redoutnews.com, who are on the front lines of reporting what is taking place in Nevada concerning the Bundy Ranch trials, and the latest out of the Silver State.

In what is sure to be the trial of the century, the Bundys, including Cliven, Ryan, and Ammon, along with Ryan Payne finally have a jury to hear their case.

Cliven Bundy, who is 71-years-old, along with his sons, Ryan and Ammon, as well as Ryan Payne are accused of a variety of trumped up charges against them and make no mistake, the ramifications of this trial will affect all Americans.


Because at stake in this matter are issues of property rights, the right to keep and bear arms, the jurisdiction of the central government, that ability of the central government to own land at will, the issue of freedom of speech and the ability to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

I could go further and point out that it is a case which calls into question unlawful judicial order, unlawful and unconstitutional federal agencies and their authority, but we’ve done that in the past.

Shari Dovale at Redoubt updates us on what took place this week.

Over four days this week, prosecutors and defense whittled a large group of prospective jurors down to 12 with 4 alternates. A diverse group, they are prepared to serve for an estimated four months.

Jurors will return Tuesday morning, November 7th, for opening arguments. Meanwhile, the attorneys continue with a full schedule in preparation for the opening on Tuesday.

An evidentiary hearing will conclude Friday morning on a motion by Ryan Payne to dismiss the entire case based on an Office of Inspector General (OIG) report and it’s attachments.

Judge Navarro chose to delay the very important hearing in favor of jury selection, which gives every impression that she has already made up her mind to rule against the motion to dismiss. The best the defendants can hope for, under those circumstances, is a directed jury instruction.

The evidentiary hearing is based on the apparent destruction of important, and exculpatory, documents in the ‘Operation Gold Butte’ event, as named by the BLM. It is important to remember that Dan Love testified in this hearing, via SKYPE, from Salt Lake City.

According to Dovale, the trial is expected to last four months.  It isn’t as though these men have been denied a speedy trial in the first place, but now with it coming upon a holiday season where many like Judge Gloria Navarro and prosecutor Steven Myhre will be enjoying the warmth and comfort of their homes with family and friends, these men will be put on the backburner and deprived of their life and liberty without due process of law.

While a FBI agent who engaged in what can only be said to be the attempted murder of LaVoy Finicum, and his pals in the FBI along with the Oregon State Police helping him in the coverup on that attempt, roams free, these men will be behind bars during another Thanksgiving and Christmas season and kept from their families.

Will Cliven Bundy and his sons, along with Ryan Payne get a fair trial?  I doubt it.

Recall that Democrats in the State of Nevada have not only are they engaged in illegal acts concerning voter registration, but have ruined the good name of Cliven Bundy by sending out 700,000 mailers to households throughout Nevada and contaminating the jury pool, which has led the defense to call on the court to “change the venue” so that Bundy might receive a fair trial.

The flyer reads, “This man’s armed standoff led to the deaths of two Las Vegas Police Officers and he’s supported by Congressman Hardy.” It also contains Cliven Bundy’s name and mug shot in front of a row of prison cells. This was also paid for by the Nevada State Democratic Party.

Here’s a copy of what they sent out.

Attorney for journalist Pete Santilli who took a plea deal in early October, Chris Rasmussen, joined with Nevada’s public defenders in a motion to compel the court for a “change of venue.” Rasmussen received one of the flyers and entered it into evidence with the court claiming that Bundy would not receive a fair trial due to the obvious propaganda sent out by the State of Nevada.

This story about tying the Bundy’s or anyone at Bundy Ranch to Jared and Amanda Miller, the Las Vegas shooters, is bogus. By his own account, Miller was sent home from Bundy Ranch. Here’s Miller’s comment to a YouTube video claiming that very thing.

In fact, the media jumped all over the false narrative the Miller and his wife were tied to the Bundy’s, labeling them right wing extremist terrorists, and attempting to use the propaganda for advancing attacks on the Second Amendment. The media never mentioned the fact that the Millers were involved in the Occupy Movement and it never informs the public that they were Vegas police informants.

What’s worse is that this attempt to smear patriots for standing against the illegal and unconstitutional acts of the DC government and their willing accomplices in the Bureau of Land Management, FBI, and corrupt politicians, both in DC and local, is the fact that this was already dealt with once as Constitutional Sheriff Richard Mack was wrongly connected to the Millers.

Deb Jordan adds, “Las Vegas Metro Police and the Clark County Sheriff’s Department cannot produce any report of violence or destruction of property during the Bundy Civil Rights Protest, except in those instances where the Bureau of Land Management were the perpetrators.”

“Sheriff Douglas Gillespie, the then Sheriff of Clarke County said at the time, there was no direct link to the couple’s killing spree and Cliven Bundy – noting that the two had arrived in Las Vegas in January of 2014 and that they had their own agenda for starting a revolution,” she added. “Gillespie made clear he had seen NO evidence that the Miller’s had come to Nevada seeking out Cliven Bundy.”

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore also took time to call out this injustice.

“This mailer is completely unacceptable she said, and somebody needs to be held accountable for putting this false narrative in Nevada mailboxes,” she said. “Clearly the Bundy’s Civil Rights were being violated by a United States Government – Terrorist Organization – known as the BLM, and we all saw it happening with our own eyes. I was not the only elected official at that protest and what I want to know is, where the hell are they now?”

Fiore also said:

The level of propaganda being allowed by the Democratic Party must come to an end.  We have men whose lives are on the line here in Nevada, and poisoning the jury pool with a downright lie must be dealt with.  Not only do we have a case here that is already out of balance because it is being overseen by Judge Gloria Navarro, a left winger who was recommended by Harry Reid and appointed by Barack Obama, and Steven Myhre a Liberal Prosecutor who could obviously care less about fairness and truth, now we add to that more unfairness by allowing a left-wing propaganda machine to send out the message, that Cliven Bundy is directly responsible for the death of two of our Metro Police officers.

This case should be awarded a change in venue in the fairness of law, and my peers should stop being cowards and get back to representing the truth about this case.

Cliven Bundy held a peaceful protest on his own property and even though the Federal Government was not invited, they came anyway.

They literally beat up on his family, set trained snipers on hillsides overlooking his ranch, came at them with stun guns and dogs, tried to restrict them to a first amendment area, killed and buried their cattle on public lands – in mass graves, threatened everyone who came to a lawful protest with lethal force, had armed helicopters and drones flying all over the place, and now they honestly want the American people to believe the Bundy’s were the bad guys — come on …

The Government has stacked the odds against these men, and I am telling you right now;

I will not stand by and watch them be railroaded by a bunch of left-wing extremist and sent to prison for crimes they did not commit.

This case should not only be moved out of the State of Nevada, it should be dismissed altogether.

I have no regrets for doing the right thing here when it comes to the Bundy’s —  As hard as it is, I would rather lose every single race for office, before I would lose one nights sleep  knowing I had betrayed them .”

Fiore is correct. The men in Nevada were more peaceful than the agents who surrounded them.

We’ll see what happens, but already the prosecution and Judge Navarro have teamed up to silence the defendants to defend themselves in what is clearly a corrupt process, not a process that seeks justice.


If you are able and would like to help the Bundy Ranch political prisoners win their case against the tyranny of the central government or would like to write them, please click here. If you would like to support a house in Nevada that is caring for wives and children of these men as they attend the trials, please click here.

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is an author and Editor at FreedomOutpost.com, SonsOfLibertyMedia.com, GunsInTheNews.com and TheWashingtonStandard.com. He is husband to his "more precious than rubies" wife, father of 10 "mighty arrows", jack of all trades, Christian and lover of liberty. He resides in the U.S. occupied Great State of South Carolina. . Follow Tim on Twitter. Also check him out on Gab, Minds, MeWe, Spreely, Mumbl It and Steemit
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