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Trump Drafting Executive Order To Deal With Big Tech Biased Tyranny?

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Several reports are out that claim that President Donald Trump is drafting or planning to draft an executive order to deal with the mass censorship that is coming from Big Tech corporations on the internet.

Politico reported this week, “The White House is circulating drafts of a proposed executive order that would address allegations of anti-conservative bias by social media companies, according to a White House official and two other people familiar with the matter — a month after President Donald Trump pledged to explore ‘all regulatory and legislative solutions’ on the issue.”

This comes almost a year after Alex Jones and Infowars submitted a plan of action to President Trump.

According to Infowars, “Infowars has consulted with top law firms to study the Deep State/Democratic Party’s open announcement of plans to de-platform all conservatives, which will silence their voices ahead of the midterms in what amounts to one of the greatest instances of election meddling ever carried out in the digital age.”

A summary of the action plan that Infowars submitted to Trump can be viewed below.

De-Platforming Memo – Actio… by Editor on Scribd

As you recall, Jones and Infowars were targeted for bans across all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

However, so was Natural News’ Health Ranger Mike Adams.

Adams put out “The Adams Report,” titled “The Censorship Master Plan Decoded” to inform people about what is actually taking place.

The Censorship Master Plan … by kitdaniels on Scribd

An unnamed White House official said of Twitter, “If the internet is going to be presented as this egalitarian platform and most of Twitter is liberal cesspools of venom, then at least the president wants some fairness in the system.  But look, we also think that social media plays a vital role. They have a vital role and an increasing responsibility to the culture that has helped make them so profitable and so prominent.”

Investigative Journalist Laura Loomer, who considers herself the most banned woman on the planet, commented on what has been taking place.

She writes:

Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram, along with Google and its subsidiary YouTube, and micro-blogging platform Twitter, Trump’s favorite social media platform, have been scrutinized for apparent bias against conservatives. A brief survey of the social media landscape shows that many of the major influencers who helped get Trump elected have been targeted for bans on the Big Tech platforms.

For example, right-wing personalities Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones, and Laura Loomer were all banned from Facebook and Instagram within hours of each other in May, and were labeled “dangerous” individuals. Yiannopoulos, Jones, Loomer, and Gavin McInnes are all banned from Twitter. Jones is also banned from YouTube, owned by Google.

Many GOP politicians have been unwilling to tackle the issue of tech censorship, but it appears that the Trump administration is beginning to understand the value such social media influencers have during election season.

Loomer is going further than merely informing.

She has now filed a $3 billion lawsuit against Facebook, as well as filing to run for Congress in Florida’s 21st congressional district.



And immediately upon hearing the news, I could see this same reaction…

Will the Trump administration act lawfully and deal with the tyranny of corporate social media or is it going to take the people bringing it to them?  Either way, we should be in for a round of fireworks concerning this issue in the next 12-14 months.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

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