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Twitter & YouTube Permit Communist Party Misinformation – Heavily Censor Those Combating The COVID-19 & Coronavirus Lies

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As previously reported, YouTube CEO is hellbent on demanding that people using their platform bow the knee and submit to the lies promoted by the World Health Organization and others regarding coronavirus and COVID-19.  They are pulling videos left and right that speak about scientific documentation that much of what we have heard in the media and from politicians are nothing but lies.  They call that information “medical misinformation.”  However, they are openly allowing Communist Party Misinformation to flow freely on their platform, and so is Twitter.

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Tyler Durden has the story at Zero Hedge:

The Washington Free Beacon just published the findings of an investigation into American social media companies and their handling of Chinese government propaganda and misinformation which is routinely distributed on their platforms.

An investigation reportedly run by House Foreign Affairs Committee leader Rep. Michael McCaul used Congressional resources to examine how CCP figures use different platforms, and what policies each have in place to mark the information as propaganda, or censor it all together.

Surprisingly, even the most stringent websites handled the Chinese propaganda with a light touch, even as they continued to crack down on conservative voices and media organizations. Just today, Facebook removed a Trump campaign ad for using a symbol that a group of left-wing activists claimed to be a “Nazi symbol” (albeit one most Americans, and most Jews, probably wouldn’t recognize). Twitter, meanwhile, refuses to remove even tweets with patently false claims, like CCP officials claiming the coronavirus originated in the US.

The House investigators found that of all the major social media platforms, Twitter does the worst job of policing CCP propaganda and the accounts that share it.

While average Chinese citizens are blocked from using the site, party officials are inexplicably given verification status by the company (earning the coveted blue checkmarks). When informed about specific violations, the company did nothing to remedy them.

Twitter emerged as the most abused platform and also the one with the least oversight. While the company cooperated with McCaul’s probe, it did not remove any of the propaganda posts identified by the congressional investigators.

“Despite a willingness to discuss HFAC Minority staff concerns, Twitter does not appear to have removed any CCP disinformation from its platform nor made any meaningful policy changes in response to our concerns to prevent the CCP from spreading propaganda on its platform,” according to the investigation. “Moreover, Twitter does not label or provide transparency about the nature and operations of CCP propaganda outlets. Rather, it legitimizes them by allowing them to operate as verified users.”

Remember, this is the same company where a “low-level” employee threatened to delete a Senator’s account – permanently – if he didn’t delete a tweet over his use of the phrase “no quarter”, which is apparently inappropriate (although a quick twitter search finds hundreds of usages of the term, if not thousands).

While average Chinese citizens are blocked from accessing Twitter due to the country’s strict censorship policies, Communist Party officials are often verified by the website, providing legitimacy to their claims. McCaul’s team maintains this violates Twitter’s own policies barring individuals and organizations guilty of gross human rights violations from operating accounts on the site.

Additionally, Twitter does not equally apply its rules. Prominent conservatives, including Trump, have had their content censored or removed in recent months. But Chinese officials and news outlets are not held to a similar standard.

The Congressional staffers described Twitter as almost deliberately uncooperative, and the most unwilling to check the CCP figures ability to share whatever they feel on the platform, even if they’re, say, spreading conspiracy theories that the coronavirus originated in the US, or was brought to China deliberately by the American military. 

“Of all the companies we engaged with, Twitter is the platform most heavily abused by the CCP,” investigators found. “Twitter only applied a factcheck label to the Tweet about the virus originating with the U.S. military after it had been on the platform for more than a month.

They are the most unwilling to do anything to stop the CCP from spreading harmful misinformation or provide transparency through labels that inform users they are viewing content from a state-funded or state-directed media outlet.”

Twitter has said that it will only fact-check tweets from prominent voices, such as the president. Congressional investigators remain concerned that China does not rank as a top priority for the website.

YouTube also earned a low score (a C-, compared to Twitter’s D-) for similar failures. Though at least YouTube labels Chinese propaganda accounts as government propaganda.

So, while they talk as if they actually care about you, at the same time, they are openly violating anti-trust laws by leaving the protections of a platform to engage in heavy-handed censorship against truth while promoting the lies of anti-Americans.

YouTube is the child company of CIA-funded Google.

1 Tech Firms Unconstitutionally Funded By CIA-Front Group In-Q-Tel

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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