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UK Scholars Speak Out Against “Transgender” Despotism

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More than fifty scholars who work at universities in the UK, US, Australia and elsewhere, and are part of a group of over a hundred, have signed a letter that was published last week in the U.K. Guardian.  They expressed their concern about the detrimental effects of political correctness and the “trans” lobby on their ability to research and report their findings regarding so-called “transgenderism.”

The scholars are from a myriad of fields, as they note:

Our subject areas include: sociology, philosophy, law, criminology, evidence-informed policy, medicine, psychology, education, history, English, social work, computer science, cognitive science, anthropology, political science, economics, and history of art.

In part, they expressed their worries:

We are also concerned about the suppression of proper academic analysis and discussion of the social phenomenon of transgenderism, and its multiple causes and effects. Members of our group have experienced campus protests, calls for dismissal in the press, harassment, foiled plots to bring about dismissal, no-platforming, and attempts to censor academic research and publications. Such attacks are out of line with the ordinary reception of critical ideas in the academy, where it is normally accepted that disagreement is reasonable and even productive.

How unsurprising.  The aggressive pushers of “tolerance” are bullies.  And just like in the United States under Barack Obama (or whatever his name is), these militant homofascists have imposed their propaganda will on schools and universities in the UK:

Many of our universities have close links with trans advocacy organisations who provide “training” of academics and management, and who, it is reasonable to suppose, influence university policy through these links. Definitions used by these organisations of what counts as “transphobic” can be dangerously all-encompassing and go well beyond what a reasonable law would describe. They would not withstand academic analysis, and yet their effect is to curtail academic freedom and facilitate the censoring of academic work.

Nothing about “transgenderism” would withstand any kind of rational analysis or scrutiny, because its very basis—the notion that a man could possibly be a woman, and vice versa—is not simply wrong, it’s crazy-wrong, a million pseudo-scientific claims to the contrary notwithstanding.

Here in the US, this demented movement exploded with Obama’s full support during his presidency.  As with militant homosexual activism, I have also warned that “transgenderism” would be used to further crush our freedoms.  This has proven true, as people in places all across the nation are being forced, under penalty of law in some cases, to play along with the charade that a man is a “woman.”  It’s also being used to defy common decency, with men insisting on using women’s restrooms and dressing rooms and even being allowed to compete in women’s sports.  This vile madness should not be allowed to continue.

This wicked movement’s true targets are Christianity and Christ’s followers, because these people, whether they’re homosexual or the mentally sick who imagine they’re the opposite sex, are in aggressive rebellion against God and His natural order and design for marriage, family and human sexuality.  They want to destroy the meaning of marriage and the definition of male and female, as if that were possible, except under the creation of bad laws.

It’s encouraging to see these scholars in the UK and elsewhere speak out against this despotic movement because it must be firmly resisted.  Here in the US, I’m also glad to see President Trump’s Justice Department reportedly moving to properly define male and female for federal Title IX purposes.  That there would ever be a need to define male and female illustrates how far down the evil road to social insanity we’ve been shoved by the God-hating Left, whose purpose, beyond pure rebellion against God, is to demolish the freedoms of our Constitutional Republic.  They’re working like mad to do it, too, as they constantly create bogus new terms that are used to deceive and intimidate, terms like “gender identity” and “transphobic.”  Both of those terms are lies.

Nevertheless, I’m thankful that there is pushback against “transgender” mania.  Courage tends to beget more courage, and this tyrannical movement will only be stopped when many, many more people are willing to fearlessly stand up and say, “NO!” to the social activism of a tiny minority of mentally and spiritually sick people who seek to impose their derangement on all of society.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Gina Miller.

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