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Watch As Police Bully & Harass Sons Of Liberty’s Health & Wellness Expert Kate Shemirani (Video)(Updated)

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On Saturday, The Sons of Liberty were broadcasting live from London where our Health and Wellness expert, Kate Shemirani, and Dr. Kevin Corbet spoke to a small crowd in calling out Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the National Health Service (NHS) for failing to provide proof that COVID-19 exists.  As they prepared to depart, hundreds of police showed up to intimidate those in attendance showing support while leaving those that provoked the crowd, as well as counter protesters alone.

First, if you missed the live broadcast, you can see it below with additional footage that took place immediately after our stream ended.

LIVE From London: Kate Shemirani & Dr. Kevin Corbett Confront COVID Liars (Updated)

Kate spoke to Sons of Liberty Media on Saturday.

“I was in the middle of that crowd,” she said.  “Then all the police just started surrounding me.”

She provided exclusive video of what took place.

Shemirani told SonsOfLibertyMedia.com, “The guy that tried to pull the police off me. Assaulted by the cop. He hits him back and gets this. I saw it all.”

“Levi Benjamin,” she noted.  “Please give him a massive shout out!”

Benjamin was arrested for pushing back against police who were assaulting Shemirani for no reason at all.

Additionally, other video was recorded and uploaded of before and after the incident.

People’s eyes are open to who the real enemy is here on the streets of London.

Several took to the comments section to voice their disgust with the police and their manhandling of Kate and others, as well as pointing out how they are trying to silence the truth.

“Why arent they using these tactics with BLM and AntiFA whom are actively causing destruction you should be asking yourselves,” wrote FPV Angel.

“Omg what bully boys those police are. We really are living in a police state. No freedom of speech. I hope your ok kate 😚,” added lyme talk ireland.

“Picked off by the police, just as Piers Corbyn was in Sheffield,” wrote Graham Smith.

Lesley Harold noted, “This will serve to awaken more people, truth is coming out and more are waking up.”

Jo Jo wrote, “UK Police are the clear instigators in this.”

Bill & Stacie Walker wrote, “I will say that the cops in Britain are far more courteous than ours in the US. Had this been here, citizens would have been body slammed or worse.”

These are just a few of the comments left.

As for Kate, she is ok.  Though she was questioned, and thought to have been arrested, she told Sons of Liberty Media that she was “dearrested” with a laugh.  Later, she filmed a message to let others know she was ok.

Quick message from Kate Shemirani following her arrest/dearrest today. She was punched in the chest and a guy called Levi Benjamin defended her and has now ended up in a cell. STAND UP X were in London for the #SaveOurChildren and ended up completely protecting Kate.#kateshemirani

Posted by Dee Mani-Mitchell on Saturday, September 5, 2020

Kate has been ridiculed, maligned, slandered and libeled in the media without a shred of evidence to back their narrative.  Yet, day in and day out, her message has not changed and the people love her for speaking the truth.

You can catch Kate every Saturday at 8am EST on The Sons of Liberty radio show, which airs on SonsOfLibertyMedia.com

UPDATED 09-08-2020.  Kate sent several more videos from different angles to document the way she was handled by the fascist police in London.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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