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Wikipedia Co-Founder Connects Trump, Clintons, Royal Family, Bill Gates to Child Sex Trafficking

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Lawrence Mark Sanger is an American internet project developer and co-founder of the internet encyclopedia Wikipedia. In 2001, Sanger coined the name and wrote much of its original governing policy. Sanger would go on to eventually leave Wikipedia, describing it as “broken beyond repair,” and has been an outspoken advocate for freedom of information ever since. And, according to a recent tweet storm of his, he is highly outspoken against elite child sex trafficking.

Wasting no time beating around the bush, Sanger opened his thread by dropping some big names, linking Trump, the Clintons, Bill Gates, and the Royal Family to the now-deceased billionaire child sex trafficker, Jeffery Epstein.

“Begin with Jeffrey Epstein. His circle of friends features some of the most famous people in the world. People like Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, even Donald Trump. Look up the “Lolita Express” flight log and his black book. Quite a stunning social circle, really,” Sanger tweeted. 

“There is courtroom evidence that Epstein’s friends sexually abused the teen girls he collected, who as young as 12 were basically sex slaves,” Sanger correctly described before going into the special treatment given to this convicted pedophile by his well-connected friends inside the establishment.

“Did you know that ABC News had this story in 2016, and covered it up? They did. Everyone knows that, too, but few are talking about it,” he wrote.

Indeed, they did. TFTP reported on the scandal when it broke late last year. One of the largest stories in the news in November was the ABC anchor who was recorded on a hot microphone ranting about how the network suppressed her story on Jeffrey Epstein and his ties to the elite — three years ago. While this admission was certainly noteworthy, it should come as no surprise. Over the past few years, the mainstream media, in general, has refused to report on any of Epstein’s ties to current and past government officials, Hollywood insiders, and even royalty.

Sanger then went on to expose how the political class protected this child predator, with folks from all sides of the political spectrum going out of their way to cover for a pedophile.

“We the people would learn much more about the suspects and allegations if more court documents were unsealed. But massive numbers of Epstein case documents have been sealed. The court system is protecting the guilty—again, as they did in 2008. They do that a lot, turns out,” he said.

“It sure sounds like (a) many of the Beautiful People know about child sex trafficking by elites, (b) some participate in it, and (c) the media and courts cover it up. “But…systematically? Do they really? Surely not,” you say. Sadly this happens over…and over…and over,” he tweeted.

It sure does happen over and over. As TFTP reported, one of these monsters who granted Epstein special privilege along the way was Alexander Acosta, the now-former Labor Secretary appointed by Trump after letting off a pedophile with a wrist slap. Acosta was forced to resign last year after the Epstein controversy began to expose the utter lack of punishment given to this sicko by his friends in power.

After hammering on Epstein, Sanger then went after Hollywood, which he referred to as “Pedowood” and the Catholic church — both of whom have a long and documented history of child sex abuse.

“Hollywood has had *so so* many pedophile scandals, it’s nauseating. Look into the Digital Entertainment Network (watch the documentary), Roman Polanski, and Dan Schneider, testimony by Corey Feldman, Bella Thorne, Isaac Kappy, Macaulay Culkin, Elijah Wood, more. It’s real,” said Sanger.

As to how this rampant pedophilia is allowed to flourish in such an unchecked manner, Sanger blames the authorities, who he says, “let it happen.”

“Why on earth did the authorities allow systematic, horrific abuse of children go on in Rotherham and other places (so many places schools, churches, hospitals, etc.), you can look it up)? They let i happen. Systematically. Deliberately. This is not a joke and it’s real,” he wrote.

TFTP has reported on numerous cases which back this claim up. In an interview with Sky News in 2015, Esther Baker, 32, explained how she and other children were raped by politicians as uniformed police officers stood guard.

“I got the feeling very much that they were protecting somebody, that they were with one of the men,” said Baker.

“One of them (police officers) I knew from church. There were a few occasions where they would be in uniform, and I kind of knew, I learnt that when they were in uniform that it was going to be a rough night,” she explained. “On occasion they would – they would sort of join in.”

During one of the incidents, Baker recalls that she was able to run away, only to be chased down and caught by a police officer. Apparently the police officer was apologetic as he carried her back to the rapist politicians. He must have “just been doing his job.”

After ranting into the night on Monday, Sanger then came back to his thread on Tuesday to wrap it up and quash the potential naysayers.

“Epstein & pals? “Pedowood” cases? Jimmy Savile? The Catholic Church? All the other crazy-sounding cases? They sound crazy because the basic reality is horrific. But you can look up every one. They’re all facts. Putting them together alongside each other? Also not crazy,” he wrote, telling followers not to dismiss actual facts as “conspiracy theories.”

Sanger said the reason that the water is so muddied when it comes to exposing these pedophiles is because the system deliberately associates utterly ridiculous nonsensical theories with facts to make them sound silly.

“Imagine that, for whatever reason, *you* wanted to hide a system of child trafficking. You would kill a few people to keep everyone quiet. But you would also closely associate hard facts about the system with, forgive me, crazy-sounding, unverifiable crap,” he said. “What could be a more effective cover than to infiltrate the “truth movement” with a bunch of people who sound nuts? Who wants to associate with a bunch of nuts? Not many of us.”

Sanger then offers some sound advice to those who wish to expose this horrifying reality. Get your facts straight. Stay away from the ridiculous claims of lizard people and flat earth and make sure your case is air tight before presenting it.

Sound advice indeed. Thank you, Mr. Sanger, for using your voice for good.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

Matt Agorist

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project.
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