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Wisconsin: Former Governor Scott Walker Demonstrates Once Again Who He Really Is After Thousands Protest Lockdown – I Understand, But We Need to Show We Can Follow Guidelines

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As protests broke out and thousands turned out in Wisconsin to protest stay-at-home orders, former Governor Scott Walker demonstrated why he was not re-elected to office, claiming the people need to follow guidelines, even though they are not law and they are clear usurpations of the governor’s power.

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In an interview with Fox News, Walker said, “I think like most Americans, I have both fear and frustration.  I have the frustration that we heard from many of the protesters who fear that we’re going on too far without looking at the numbers.”

“I mean, this governor’s [Democrat Tony Evers] talked about pushing the stay at home order until Memorial Day weekend,” Walker added. “I said, ‘Let’s give it a few more weeks to see where we’re at and see if things improve.’ At the same time, I think like a lot of Americans, in addition to frustration, there’s a bit of fear of still the unknown.”

Walker didn’t agree with the people demanding a re-opening.

“I saw a few days ago a number of people at a protest that had no signs of social distancing, no signs of wearing face masks,” Walker said. “I think the more appropriate response is what the statewide chamber did here today, and that was lay out a plan of how we can safely and responsibly, on a staggered basis, start to get back to work and the best way to do this is to show that we can follow these guidelines.”

Of course, he wants to follow the official narrative and the lawlessness of those in office in reopening gradually.

“The example I give is if we can go to grocery stores or other places safely, let’s apply some of those same standards. Let’s do it the measured way.” Walker said. “I would encourage business owners across America [to] show what you’re going to do to safely open, because even if the government lifts the ban … customers and employees aren’t going to come back unless you can show you’ve got a safe and healthy working environment.”

At least more than 5,000 people disagree with Walker and Governor Tony Evers as they showed up to not only protest, but calling for his removal.

While CBS only identified 1,500 people in attendance, author of The Doctrine of The Lesser Magistrate, Matt Trewhella, said it was more than 5,000.

“Over 5000 people gathered at the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday to rally against the fear, hysteria, and tyranny created by the media and government,” he wrote on Facebook.  “We put out boatloads of stickers, lit, and sermons to the people. No small stir!”

Over 5000 people gathered at the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday to rally against the fear, hysteria, and…

Posted by Matt Trewhella on Saturday, April 25, 2020

Trewhella also responded to Walker’s comments, saying that it was comments like that which didn’t get him re-elected.

In response to the Fox News interview, Trewhella wrote:

This is awful. And it is yet another example of why Walker was not re-elected. Understand, Wisconsin would still be locked down right now if he was governor just as it is under Evers. In fact, Wisconsin’s State Constitution makes it clear the Republican legislature could end Gov. Evers ‘stay at home’ order immediately.

323.10 of the WI Constitution makes this plain. Yet Vos and Fitzgerald and the legislature of both the Assembly and the Senate have run to the courts. Why would they run to the courts when they have the legal authority to end this nonsense right now themselves?

Of course to cover their own butts politically. To not do their duty. To hide behind the skirt of the court. The GOP politicians love to hide behind the courts for not doing their duty. They have done it regarding the slaughter of the preborn and regarding the filth of homosex for years now.

I will say again – watch out for the sell-out. Watch out for the half-measures from the Republicans regarding all this. They could end it all NOW, but instead they are talking about how businesses will have to jump through hoops to reopen – and new laws going forward. This is all designed to further the state’s authority over our lives and further subjugate the people.

Just reopen – just like you closed everything down! A flip of the switch. End it ALL!

Indeed, it really is that simple.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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