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16 Reasons Why I Hate You

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An unfortunate side effect of the Internet is that it propagates a fresh new thorn-patch every day for those who seek “16 reasons why I hate you.” Given the promiscuous nature of the medium and the choice of many to remain anonymous when online, social media is necessarily bipolar: on the one hand further atomizing our fractured republic yet on the other hand having the potential to unify former enemies against a common foe. The outcome is up to us.

God is presenting mankind with incredible opportunity. As the gospel of Christ is transforming lives in much of the world as never before, in Europe and North America, the same Christian roots are being hacked away by those who hate God and seek to recruit our children.

The Christian fruits of the Spirit are universal to all legitimate religions, at least in theory: love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control. That is too many virtues for the modern Christian, but we can change the world by starting off with just one – love.

This is the place to start, not only given Paul’s instruction in his first letter to the saints in Corinth, but because the defining trait of far too many American Christians today is that every day, in every way – they choose hatred.

Our frustration at AmericaAgain! is that as we share our exciting message, we are resisted by a dizzying army of strange bedfellows from Occupy Wall Street to the TEA Party who are wedded to a common false narrative, angrily asserting that their dream for America is collapsing.

That narrative is false and self-destructive. In my 2010 book, This Bloodless Liberty, and in my newest book, Fear The People, I demonstrate that the hijacking of our Constitution began in Lincoln’s administration and that today is the most exciting time in history. God alone can redeem this world; but when He does so, he uses human beings in the process.

Hard lessons are ahead for America. We will pay the price for 150 years of corruption and profligacy. But after the devastation of the Great Depression II tornado passes, we will have an unprecedented opportunity to restore constitutional money, moral and ethical banking, constitutionally limited government, and end 125 years of D.C. armed conquest worldwide.

These are common goals of the Left and the Right!

But they are not the goals of the donkey and elephant parties, and millions now realize that both parties are on the same team, arrayed against productive America. The TEA Party was engulfed and coopted by the GOP, so millions left the GOP.

Liberty, property and small business have no chance under the corrupt status quo. Those on Mr. Trump’s ever-widening middle path understand this better than do the self-righteous ‘NeverTrump’ gang or the self-absorbed Marxists whose refusal to give up their addiction to big government leaves them ironically supporting the elite puppeteers they love to hate.

Fellow sinner, say what you will about the sinful Mr. Trump but he has a few things in common with Jesus. He is reaching out to sinners, finding favor with many, and scaring the hell out of the corrupt elites. He has equally hard messages for foreigners plundering America as for Washington D.C. plundering foreigners and America.

Mr. Trump is slowly softening the hearts of many who previously hated him. Take it from me; only months ago I was a modern Pharisee, looking down my nose at The Donald, with his checkered past and his puerile and bombastic style. I have had to eat my words. He is no saint by any stretch, but I begin to perceive Jacksonian qualities in the man.

The storms are coming, friends. What God sends, we deserve. Characteristically, the European Union will fly apart; it will return to its atomistic, polytheistic, polyglot former self. Jesus Christ can bring peace to any community. But peaceful and widespread self-government in the context of Europe’s historic animosities and monarchies is hard to imagine, indeed.

America’s history is the opposite: we came together as a republic of sovereign states that liberated the individual as we celebrated our disparities in folkways, state histories, dress, dialect, and cuisine – as we also value and celebrate those few common services we require of our federal servant.

We all shared the universal desire of mankind, for liberty. But America actually produced it for so many, for so long, because our republic’s foundation was Christ and the Constitution.

Can we step away from the many reasons we can hate one another? If I cannot yet dearly love you, my Progressive friend, I can still work beside you against America’s common enemy, D.C. organized crime, which is controlled by what Peter Dale Scott calls the ‘Deep State’.

This enemy is now surrounded by literally billions of human beings who have simply had enough, and are prepared to revolt, to kill, to destroy – in ironic response to those who kill and destroy us all from their lofty estates in the shadows. The fruits of the spirit, coupled with a repentant and responsible wisdom beyond ourselves – can turn this war against our common enemies. This is the mission of AmericaAgain! — now in 115 American communities and growing, with a full-spectrum, long-term plan to take our republic back from D.C. organized crime. Download my book Fear The People from our website. The PDF edition is free. There is much to be done, in every American community, and we have begun to do it. Action, not merely more talk.

But you and I must first stop hating one another long enough to recognize the power that is now ours, in concerted action.

I will begin with a smile, and a helpful word now and then. Stripped of my hatred, I can hope to see you smiling as well, as we pull together for the first time in generations. Yes, we can smile together, for our enemy is going down.

And great will be its fall.

Article by David Zuniga

The Washington Standard

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