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16-Year-Old Afghan Claiming Asylum Rapes Woman After He Received “Respect Training”

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Last week, Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, revealed her solution to the increased incidences of harassment, assault and the rape of German women at the hands of Muslim invaders — convert Muslims to show respect to women through training programs. Her plan is idiocy at its best since Muslims follow Mohammed and the Qu’ran that teaches misogyny, assault and rape of women. In reality, Peter Altamaier, German’s refugee coordinator and member of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU), is hoping to funnel many of German’s illegal Muslim invaders to other nations.

This is the German plan to “relieve” its citizens’ hardships the government caused by issuing an open invitation to barbarism. But, what about other European nations? Belgium implemented training for Muslims regarding treatment of women, showing respect to women, like Germany. Breitbart reported that a “16-year old Afghan male claiming asylum in Belgium has been stripped of his asylum seeker status by the government after he raped an employee at a Red Cross shelter in Menen, West Flanders.” The young man raped the employee “shortly after [he] received training on how to treat women with respect, in line with Western cultural norms.”

The victim of the unidentified Afghan perpetrator is being withheld by Belgian police; however, reports indicate she is a “young service staff” member of a catering firm under contract to deliver food to the Muslim invaders at the Menen Red Cross shelter. According to Flemish Television (VTM), the young staff member was raped in the cellar of the center on Wednesday, February 10, as she went to gather supplies.

Breitbart reported:

The girl has filed a complaint for prior verbal assault, and for rape. Because the migrant man is only 16 years old, he will be tried in a Belgian juvenile court, where if found guilty he would receive a significantly shorter sentence and be imprisoned in more comfortable conditions.

A short spell in prison is not the only consequence for the perpetrator if found guilty, though, as the Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration has made a robust response to the accusations and has vowed to deport rapists. He told Belgian television a new law passed last summer could be used in this case, as where “serious offences are committed against the public order, and rape is clearly an example, then no [refugee] status will be given to the individual concerned.

“He will not be recognised and will not receive residence on Belgian territory. One consequence will be his deportation to Afghanistan, where he came from.”

“The programme of lessons for migrants, given in a bid to reduce the number of rapes visited upon native hosts by recent migrants, was first instituted in Belgium after the migrant sex attacks in Germany on New Year’s Eve,” reports Belgium’s De Standaard.

This must be a great comfort to the young woman and her family to know the Belgian government will hold this Muslim barbaric invader accountable by trying him as a juvenile and if found guilty, providing a short prison stay in “comfortable conditions” before being deported. (This statement was sarcasm) Nothing short of placing this invader on trial as an adult facing the consequential sentence for the crime before deportation is acceptable. Once the “young” man is deported, who is to say he will stay in Afghanistan? More than likely, this barbaric Muslim will gain entry into another European nation and engage in the same behavior.

“Training” does not produce results when dealing with misogyny taught in Islam and practiced by Mohammed. Just like pedophilia and rape of young boys by old Muslim perverts, it is part of their culture — a culture anathema to the West. One does not invite the wolf into the pen filled with sheep nor does one invite a lion into a herd of antelope. The inevitable outcome is predictable. No amount of “training” will erase the loyalty to Islam these barbaric individuals possess.

The flow of Muslim invaders into Europe has caused crime against women to erupt in exponentially increasing proportions. Not only are women at risk, but children are as well due to the culture of pedophilia — boys and girls alike. So far, the best the governments of European nations can offer its citizens is “training” Muslims to respect women, soft prosecution of offenders, and deportations of those committing crimes. However, the perpetrators have to be identified and caught. At the rate the police in some nations are “turning their heads” from Muslim perpetrators of crime, citizens of Europe have little hope their national governments will take any action other than continue an open border policy and “train” these misogynistic cretins.

Islam is Islam. A follower of Islam has only one loyalty — Islam. These are not domesticated animals that one can “train” to perform tricks or guide their behavior to a western cultural norm. The western culture is anathema to Islam. What these cretins bring to Europe is their Islamic “values and practices” in order to change Europe into an Islamic dominated territory — more like “terror-tory.” Training will not produce results. Tolerance will not stem the tide of crimes perpetrated by Muslim invaders. And, ignoring the problem will not make it go away.

If the governments of European nations will not oppose the European Union’s acceptance of Muslim invasions and push back against these barbaric cretins, citizens should arm themselves, learn self-defense techniques, and stand up against the Islamic bullies. The right to self-defense is inherent regardless of inhumane laws that oppose such; and, yes, it is inhumane to expect someone in fear for their life to engage in no action. It is also against the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God. Citizens should also consider “changing the guard” of officials in government to those who will place the sovereignty of the nation above the European Union. In fact, the European Union needs to go the way of the Do-Do bird. If not, Europe will cease to exist and will morph into Eurabia.

Careful attention should be paid to the happenings in Europe as the united States is facing the same problems. As Hussein Soetoro, aka Barack Osama, engages in perpetrating an illegal Muslim invasion, citizens will see the same happenings in the towns Muslims occupy once the numbers become sufficient to oppose western culture. With open northern and southern borders, this nation will reap the rotten seeds this traitor has planted, supported by both chambers of Congress, and liberal progressive “ding-dongs and twinkies.” Remember, Hussein Soetoro lies so who knows if the numbers given to the public are accurate?

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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