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21-year-old Muslim arrested for rampant CAR FIRES ATTACKS in Copenhagen

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Money quote; “Police spokesman Jens Møller Jensen told TV2 News that the 21-year-old man is a resident of Amager and is of ‘a different ethnicity than Danish.’” Uh huh.

The mental gyrations the media goes to to avoid the “M” word and the “I” word would be funny if they weren’t so dangerous. The media speaks in sharia-complaint language, the language of the conquered.

These fires have been raging for weeks. The enemedia is silent. And it’s not new: a few years ago Muslims set tens of thousands of cars on fire in Paris. And car fires have been raging in Malmo and Stockholm, Sweden.

Don’t believe it was just this sole jihad arsonist. The fires continued after his arrest.

denmark car fires

more cars burnt

Arab Today: More vehicles were set on fire in the Danish capital of Copenhagen in another two consecutive nights since Monday, although an arsonist suspect had been captured earlier, local police said on Tuesday.

Copenhagen police said six car fires were reported in the early hours of Tuesday, bringing the total number of vehicles being burnt to over 30.

Early on Monday, one car was torched in Copenhagen’s Northwest district while a second fire was reported in Amager district, also in the capital.

The Danish capital was plagued by a series of car fires during the weekend of Aug. 19-21. A total of 24 vehicles, including three mopeds, have been torched during three consecutive nights.

Copenhagen police arrested on Wednesday a 21-year-old man, who was thought to be behind some of the fires.

Neighboring Sweden has also suffered from similar arson cases since July as more than 70 vehicles were burnt, mostly in the southern city of Malmo, the country’s third largest city linked to Copenhagen via the Oresund Bridge.

“21-year-old man arrested for Copenhagen car fires,”  The Local, August 25,  2016

Copenhagen Police announced on Wednesday night that a 21-year-old man had been arrested in connection to a spate of car fires.

Over three consecutive nights this past weekend, a total of 24 vehicles were set ablaze at different locations throughout Copenhagen.

Police turned to the public for help and on Wednesday released still images from surveillance video of a man identified as a possible suspect. Shortly before 10pm, the man had been tracked down and arrested.

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“The investigation surrounding the case continues. There will therefore not be any additional information given to the public for now,” a short police press release read.

Police spokesman Jens Møller Jensen told TV2 News that the 21-year-old man is a resident of Amager and is of ‘a different ethnicity than Danish’.

Police did not say if the man is suspected in all of the vehicle fires. Jensen told TV2 it is also too early to know if the man was working alone.
sweden car firesCopenhagen Police have been cautious about drawing parallels to Sweden, where at least 70 cars have been burnt in Malmö since July and car fires have occurred in cities including Stockholm, Gothenburg and Norrköping.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

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