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Poll: Nearly 50% of Democrats Believe Christians are More of a Threat to America than Muslims

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Someone once told me that ignorance is curable through education; however, when it came to stupid, there was absolutely no hope whatsoever in correcting it. Unfortunately, there is an epidemic of ignorance and a pandemic of stupid in America today. It becomes very visible when looking at poll results. There has to be some rule written somewhere that states, “Individuals conducting political opinion surveys are required to find ignorant and stupid targets to interview.” If they fail to meet the criteria of stupid or ignorant, a subsequent rule has to be in place stating, “If target does not supply pollster with stupid or ignorant response or appears to question the nature of the question as convoluted, discard those answers immediately and do not tally in number polled. Make up responses as necessary.”

Why would anyone claim that citizens in America answering polls are either stupid or ignorant? Simple, look at the answers.

Clout Research, a national opinion research firm in Columbus, Ohio, conducted a poll on behalf of WND.com asking, “Which do you believe pose the greatest threat to America — Muslims or Christians?” Clout Research does not claim to be independent. They do, however, on their website make the claim, “We connect you with the right people, give you actionable data with the right message so you can understand what has changed and connect with the timeless.”

The results of the poll were interesting to say the least.

A new poll reveals that 45 percent of the Democrats who responded believe that Christians are a greater threat to America than Muslims.

No shock that 72 percent of atheists agree.

But the surprise is that 18 percent of those who consider themselves “very conservative” agree.

As do 29 percent of Protestants.

And 23 percent of Catholics.

Interestingly, the sample of Muslims was very small, but 100 percent said it is Muslims who are the greater danger.

Poll chief Fritz Wenzel said, “A surprising finding in the survey shows that one in three respondents said they believe Christians pose a greater threat to America than do Muslims. Among Democrats, 45 percent said Christians are more dangerous than are Muslims, while 36 percent of political independents said the same. Among Republicans, 20 percent said Christians are the greater threat.”

Amazing, isn’t it? Wenzel said these opinions might well have to do with the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting that resulted in three dead. Yet, at the Umpqua Community College Campus, over ten individuals were killed for being Christian and more were injured. Granted, the shooter at Planned Parenthood was against abortion, but that does not mean the shooter was a Christian or a conservative or a sane individual. The poll found that women were more likely than men to claim Christians the greater threat; however, in the end 63 % of women claimed Muslims were a greater threat than Christians.

Unbelievable! Only 63% of women claimed Muslims were a greater threat. Maybe the 36 % of women participating in the survey would like to live in a Muslim community with their teenage daughters. Maybe these women would not mind having their genitals mutilated or being gang raped by Muslim gangs. After being raped and declared a Muslim, these women would not mind being stoned for being raped. Incredible. Only 63 % of women believe Muslims are more of a threat than Christians. Well, it goes to show that of these women polled 36 % have a combined stupidity/ignorance problem.

The few Muslims surveyed identified 100 % that Muslims were a greater threat than Christianity. It is rather telling, don’t you think? One would call this revelation coming “straight from the horse’s mouth.”

The overall conclusion drawn was the more conservative the individual, the more likely to identify Muslims as a greater threat than Christians.

The further breakdown in the survey was tallied as below:

Among Protestants, 29 percent said Christians were the greater threat, while 72 percent of Atheists said Christians were a greater threat, he noted.

“A majority of blacks said Christians were the greater threat, but all other races said Muslims were the greatest threat to America,” he said.

The question asked was simple: “Which do you believe pose the greatest threat to America – Muslims or Christians?”

Fifty-five percent of Democrats, 80 percent of the GOP and 64 percent of the independents identified Muslims.

Among those who identify themselves as liberal, it was approaching 50 percent that believe Christians are the greater danger.

Among whites, 67 percent identified Muslims, among Hispanics, 90 percent identified Muslims and among Asians, 82 percent identified Muslims. It was blacks, who by a 55-45 majority, said Christians are a bigger threat.

Well, it’s no wonder that many in America think Christians are a threat after that Christian group attacked those Paris targets. Oh, what’s that Morpheus? It was Muslims that did that?

The problem comes in where Americans are being inundated daily about the Christians in Iraq and Syria trying to amass swaths of land and kill… oh wait, a minute. That’s not right either, because it is Muslims doing that. Ah-ha.

And, when those planes flew into the World Trade Center in New York City…Muslims, you say.

Well, no one can deny the San Bernardino shooters as crazy Christians since all those guns…. oh, what? It wasn’t Christians? Are you sure it wasn’t Christians? Muslims? What the burqa? You sure it was… It was Muslims.

What about that crazy major at Ft. Hood or that man that cut his co-worker’s head off? Christian, right? Muslim?!

Well, in Garland, Texas, that was definitely those Christian cra….what? Muslims? Again! No way! CNN, ABC, NBC, and all those news people say…. what? Lies? Fake Stories?

Well, just so you know, I looked at that survey, again. Here are the results:

45 % of Democrats say Christians are a bigger threat; 20 % Republicans say Christians are a bigger threat; and guess what? Thirty-six percent of independents said Christians were the bigger threat.

What? The bigger percentage is still Muslims? Then, where in the world is all the dingbat politicians in Washington, these news agencies, government intelligence agencies, and that Hubbein Osama get it’s Christians? They lie? They lie and Americans still believe it?

Matrix? Morpheus, just be quiet and give me that red pill!

The Washington Standard

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