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911 is a Joke in This Town: Home Invasion Victim Waits Over an Hour for Police

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Dallas, TX — Ironically enough, there are many people within the police accountability movement who advocate the disarming of society. Somehow, they think that police will magically begin to act in a moral manner and respond quicker to 911 calls once the rest of society can no longer protect themselves with guns. Sadly, however, as a recent home invasion case out of Dallas, Texas shows us — 911 is no safety net.

An innocent homeowner thought he’d be safe after he dialed 911 last month when heard his back door open and footsteps come through the house. He was wrong.

“He pointed the gun at me and he said, ‘Don’t you say a thing. Don’t you dare move,’” says the 65-year-old man who wishes to only give his first name, Jamie. “He had the gun to my head and he made me turn over on my stomach.”

The homeowner wants to remain anonymous as he’s afraid the home invasion robbers may return. And, if he calls the police, he’ll be up a creek again — without a gun.

As WFAA reports:

It was about 6:40 a.m. on April 26 when Jamie heard the back door open. Then he heard the footsteps. Jamie called out, asking who was there.

A voice responded, “It’s the cops.” He immediately knew that couldn’t be true.

Two men came into his bedroom. One of them did all the talking. He held a gun to Jamie’s head for almost the entire time they were in the house.

They ransacked the room. They took his phone, car keys, house keys, wallet, and other electronics.

As they were leaving, the man told him to count to 100.

“I had gotten to seven or eight and it was almost like he had lost interest,” Jamie says. “He said, ‘Don’t you get up until I’m gone.’”

For five minutes, Jamie sat in fear of being killed, hoping that cops would show up. They didn’t.

“I still feel the gun on the back of my head,” he recalls. “He kept saying, ‘Where is the safe?’ and I would say, ‘I don’t have the safe’ and he would press [the gun] into my head.”

Luckily, for Jamie, his life was spared and the robbers took his things, but not his life. They were never captured and likely never will be.

After having a gun to his head, Jamie continued calling 911.

“They would say, ‘Well, are they still in the house?’” he says. “I said, ‘No but the guy put a gun to my head. What if he’s still around here somewhere?’ Every time we were told, ‘Well, we don’t have anyone to send out. We’re shorthanded.’”

After the robbers left, Jamie would wait over an hour, for police to finally show up because there are simply not enough cops to be everywhere at once. The department even admits it cannot keep up with the calls.

“In many instances, Priority 2 calls can be held for 30 minutes or up to three or four hours,” says Officer Nick Novello, a central patrol officer. “If we were at the precipice, we are in free fall right now.”

“I think we’re at the point now where we need to be concerned,” Interim Dallas Police Chief David Pughes said last month.

Calling the police for protection is nowhere near effective, not too mention that there is a good chance your house will be wrecked, your pet killed, or worse.

Not only is it a crap shoot to call 911, but it’s a terribly rigged craps game in which the house almost always wins – and you lose.

Researchers found that less than 5 percent of all calls throughout the country dispatched to police are made quickly enough for officers to stop a crime or arrest a suspect. The 911 bottom line: “cases in which 911 technology makes a substantial difference in the outcome of criminal events are extraordinarily rare.”

Even the cops know this.

As the Free Thought Project previously pointed out, Police chiefs across the country are urging citizens to arm themselves and admitting that police cannot stop mass shootings or home invasions, only a well-armed society can.

In light of this highly controversial subject now making its rounds across the digital ether, an incredibly powerful video from a court case has surfaced, highlighting the power of self-defense with a gun versus calling the cops.

In February 2014, James Cvengros and his girlfriend heard glass breaking and their neighbor, 54-year-old Twain Thomas, screaming in the apartment complex’s hallway. So, Cvengros grabbed his pistol, set up a camera and locked his door.

Only moments later, the Machete-wielding Thomas came stomping through the door in a scene reminiscent of a horror film. He began swinging at the couple until he was hit with several rounds from Cvengros’ pistol.

Only after he’d been shot did he break out of his rage and Thomas then admitted on film that he was going to kill them.

Last year, a court determined that Thomas suffers from PTSD and has a frontal lobe injury from a car accident. The 54-year-old didn’t know what he was doing and only snapped out of rampage mode after he was shot.

“His fight-or-flight is constantly on overdrive,” Thomas’ neuropsychologist, Mark Corgiat said.

In January, Thomas was sentenced to at least five years in prison before he is eligible for parole.

Had Cvengros been disarmed by those who advocate removing guns from society, this situation would have been horrific. The death toll could have been far greater than Cvengros and his girlfriend and wouldn’t have stopped rising until police arrived some 11-60 minutes later. Luckily, Cvengros didn’t call 911.

Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

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