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A Man Shot 5 People at a Clinic – Will Anyone Ask Why?

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On Tuesday in Minnesota, a man went to a medical clinic and shot 5 people and he may have brought bombs. As of this time, one of those people died. I titled this article by asking “Will anyone ask why?” because I doubt people will, and I think they should. Obviously, the guy snapped, but we should ask why he snapped.

Let me start by saying I work in the medical community and have a lot of friends who do. It is a given that we condemn what this man did, but we need to ask why he did it if we want to prevent these things from increasing in the future. I realize many politicians are going to tell me why this man did this, such as a lack of gun control. There will also be the politicians that say the people working in the clinic needed guns to stop this man. Frankly, I am tired of politicians running their mouths and I would prefer if they just shut up and try and use their brains instead of their mouths for a change.

I am not making any claims of knowing why this man did what he did. I am not in any way justifying what he did, but we need to look at our systems and ask if they are working. It would seem to me that if a man decides to shoot healthcare workers, something is obviously wrong. When I have a violent patient, I want to know why. Mental illness is a troubling thing.  What I do that calms down one person having a panic attack may anger another person having a panic attack. We are dealing with people.  There are few sure things. The only sure thing I know is that I do not want my patient to get violent.

The sheriff said this man had a restraining order against him and that he was known by law enforcement. Some media people have reported that the man may have been addicted to opioids and that he was mad that the doctors would not give him more. Also, there have been reports of the man claiming a doctor had done something wrong to him, and that he did not think things were made right.

Whether these things are true or untrue for the shooter does not mean we should not ask if these things are a problem in our community. I was at a 3-day seminar before COVID started, and one of the topics brought up was that the third leading cause of death is avoidable medical mistakes. This number depends on how we look at it because if we include what prescription drugs do, it could be higher. This tells me we know we have a problem. Even though we know we have a problem, very little is being done to prevent more problems.

The media and politicians like to complain about lawsuit-happy lawyers ruining healthcare, but considering a third of the people who die are killed by a healthcare worker’s mistake, I would expect there to be lawsuits. If you were hurt by an avoidable medical mistake, would you want justice? The sad reality is for every person the media parades around as getting unfair money from an injury, there are a lot of people that got nothing. No matter how good your case is, there is always a judge or a lawyer who can screw it up. Fairness rarely happens in a courtroom, and it can take a lot of years to get it, if on the rare occasion you do.

No, getting screwed over does not justify shooting people, but if we do not want people to shoot people, we should have a system where people can get treated fairly. Look at the George Floyd situation.  People burnt down a police station because they thought that was their only option. The George Floyd situation and this situation have something in common. George Floyd had toxic levels of fentanyl in his system, and it was said he was addicted to opioids. The shooter at the clinic was said to be addicted to opioids. If someone is addicted, it is foolish to expect rational behavior from them.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies have made obscene amounts of money from causing the opioid crisis. Even if the government makes them give a little of this money back, I doubt any of it will get to the people actually harmed by them. That is the problem with this county, who caused the harm will decide if there is justice, and there is rarely justice. The doctors and pharmaceutical companies got rich and it is us first responders who get to clean up the mess. Ask a cop why he needs to carry narcan if you do not believe it is a problem.

Before we can prevent violence, we need to stop causing violence. People can cause violence without committing the violent act. That is what the media has been doing. The media is constantly pushing people to hate each other. One example is Nicole Wallace. Ms. Wallace has suggested that using drones on people who believe there was fraud in the election and people who do not like the lockdowns.  Read the linked article for details of Ms. Wallace’s irresponsible behavior. If you want to live in a peaceful world, you need to realize that making people your enemy can be dangerous. Has anyone asked Ms. Wallace if her suggesting people should be killed by drones caused this man to shoot 5 people? Well, suggesting people be killed is not likely to cause them to act peacefully.

I also read an article at LewRockwell.com about a woman who wrote an article badmouthing her neighbors for being Trump supporters. The woman’s neighbors had plowed the snow from the driveway of her “pandemic getaway” and she just had to write an op-ed to say how much she despised these people and that she considered their blowing her driveway an “act of aggressive niceness.” At a time when there is unlimited censoring going on, it makes one wonder why the Los Angeles Times would print garbage like this. Obviously, the Times is encouraging more people to hate each other.

I have been living in rural America all my life. One of the things we find irritating is when people move here from the cities and they claim we are unwelcoming of them. Frankly, the attitude of this op-ed writer is not uncommon, and we would prefer that she stays in the cities if she wants to act that way. We are human beings. We are not some leftist plaything whose lives you can ruin with all your stupid policies. We do not have a lot of the problems out here that they do in the city because we do not act like the people in the cities. Most of the problems I have seen out here in the last half of the century have been caused by us doing things out here that have messed things up there.

If we want to prevent people from shooting up clinics, we need to make the government stop making us healthcare workers targets. In Minnesota, Governor Walz has been constantly making matters worse in the name of COVID. He has locked down the state and harmed huge numbers of businesses and people. Our elderly have been put in solitary confinement as if they were criminals. Businesses that people put their heart and soul into have gone under for no other reason than Walz made them go under.

The state is constantly running ads on the radio claiming that all these horrible things are for our own good, and you better comply or you will die. It makes one wonder if they are claiming COVID will get us or Nicole Wallace and her drones. The problem is not everyone agrees with what is being done. Stop saying all us healthcare workers agree with what the state is doing. I do not want people to blame me and hate me because Walz tortured their Grandma. Healthcare workers have been used as political tools and that is a bad thing.

I need people to trust me. If my patients do not trust me, it makes it hard for me to help them. Wrecking people’s lives and acting as if healthcare workers think it is good, makes us targets of people’s hate. It does not matter if you feel that way, what matters is some people do.  On Tuesday, one person snapped, and look what happened, people are shot and dead. We need to calm people down, not rev them up. Locking a state down and telling people there is nothing they can do can cause people to snap.

The media and the government talking about forced vaccines and forced testing will also make matters worse. If anyone is hurt by a vaccine, the government has given healthcare workers and vaccine manufacturers immunity. You cannot use the courts to make us pay. That worries me. The last thing I want to do is give someone a vaccine. If I do and they get hurt, how do I know if they will want to come after me? The courts will not give them justice. What if they try and get it themselves? Who will protect me? I would rather have people sue me than shoot me. People have to have a way to get justice.

Congress is surrounded by the military using a fence and guns to protect them. Obviously, they realize what they have done is causing a problem. Telling me to carry a gun to shoot whoever is trying to shoot me is no more an answer than telling me you will take all the guns away. If you make people hate me, they will try to hurt me. The only question is when. Stop using us healthcare workers as political tools before we get more of this, and stop causing the hate. 

Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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