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A Video Collection Of How Guns Save Lives

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I don’t, but I’ve been wrong before. The 2nd Amendment is under attack by Democrats.

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We have four words for those Dems… SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

On a side note: Do you really think leftists that threaten to take our guns will stand a chance against Trump in 2020?

Saturday Night, I stumbled upon a YouTube playlist and thought it might be a good day to share a few 2A vids that support the argument for Americans keeping our guns and ignoring anyone who tells us to give them up.

Your life and your family’s life may be at stake someday.

Never give up your guns.

Enjoy the videos.

When four armed criminals boldly invaded a house in broad daylight, the homeowner quickly changed their minds by firing on them from inside the home, wounding one. The would-be intruders quickly reversed course and fled as the homeowner’s private video security system captured the scene.

Battling Osman Tuter blasted his attacker after being knifed and seeing a customer have his throat cut.

Rather than dumbing us down with their useless theories, based in fantasy, Democrats ought to talk to people who have been through the experience of having to fire their guns to save their own lives.

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Amy Swearer was in the news just over a week ago for her 2A testimony before congress.

If more people realized that guns save innocent American lives we might convert some of these brainwashed leftists who act like guns are a bad thing rather than a right.

Make no mistake America.

Leftists want your guns and this is not negotiable.

Molon Labe, you morons.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

The Washington Standard

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