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Abolishing ICE Based On Racism Means We Need To End The PATRIOT Act & NDAA Based On The Same Reasoning

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California Senator Kamala Harris’ lame attempt to get President Trump’s nominee to head Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Ronald Vitiello, to label the federal law enforcement agency as a terrorist organization akin to the KKK drew more criticism than praise. Of course, the idea to abolish ICE has been one of the main goals of the fascist left almost since the agency was formed in 2002 as part of the Homeland Security Act.

One would think if the Democrat Leftists believed ICE was a racist terrorist organization, only out to scrutinize Hispanics when arresting illegal aliens for being in the country illegally, they would also be out to abolish DHS and TSA since these agencies presume everyone to be terrorists until proven otherwise. In this line of thinking, Harris and the rest of the Fascist Left should be busy trying to get rid of the PATRIOT Act and NDAA as well since these laws are the genesis of what formed these organizations and the laws they are responsible for enforcing in the first place.

Yet, not a single Democrat has brought this up. The very reason none of them do is that they are not interested in bringing an end to federal agencies and the laws that created them that view everyone as threats to the state based on them being unconstitutional and against civil rights.

They are only interested in keeping the borders of the United States open and unrestricted, allowing anyone who wants to come here the complete freedom to do so.

They also fail to mention the personal restrictions placed on US citizens who now need a passport to enter Mexico, even for short visits to border towns.

No one seems to mention the fact that with an open border policy, the whole premise of having the Patriot Act and NDAA are negated.

The government cannot have it both ways, either they are so afraid of terrorists getting into the country and or operating from within the US they need such unconstitutional laws in place, or they simply do not care.

Those who support open borders obviously could care less about the threat of terrorism here in the US or they would not always be trying to make it so easy for terrorist and criminal elements to come here whenever they want. Yet, these same extremists who want to abolish ICE and want open borders are not interested at all in getting rid of the PA or NDAA.

The absolute, only reason they could be for keeping these unconstitutional laws in place is for the constant monitoring, and control of the American people themselves, not foreign entities. This is because the Fascist Left and others in government who support the New World Order vision of open borders and a one world government consider US citizens as the number 1 threat to their vision and themselves.

The new Fascist movement, not Socialist, of which Kamala Harris is a huge part, cannot have it both ways when it comes to implementing the NWO here in the US. If they were sincere in wanting to do away with what they consider improper law enforcement agencies based on race, they would also be just as vehement in trying to do away with unconstitutional laws that scrutinize a particular race based on their record of terrorism.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Tony Elliott.

The Washington Standard

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