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Ahmed the Clockmeister & an “Islamophobia” Scam

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The “Islamophobia” scam machine is in high gear: Ahmed Mohamed, the Muslim teen who was arrested after causing alarm and fear for bringing a device that resembled a bomb to school, is being heralded as “the most famous teenager on earth.”

One of the more interesting factoids from the many simpering, boot-licking press accounts of Ahmed the poor bomb hoax clockmeister: “Before we left for the television studio, Ahmed had taken me into his bedroom to show me the now-famous desk where everything gets built. I asked if I could take a picture; he nodded and sat on his desk chair holding up a tangle of wires, and, seeing his Koran, grabbed it from his desk and held it up next to the wires.”

The Daily Beast didn’t run that photo. But if the teen is such a devout Muslim, and then he brings this suspicious-looking object to school, it should give the school concern, should it not?

His father, a long-time Islamophobia huckster, told the press: “My kid was hurt and was tortured and arrested and mistreated in front of his friends inside of the school.”

Needless to say, the Mohamed family has retained a CAIR spokes-supremacist, who never leaves their side. Alia Salem of Hamas-CAIR told a reporter: “The only real news I have for you is that Ahmed’s not going back to MacArthur.” Then Salem added: “But, we’re about to drive to the television studio in a minute. Why don’t you come along? Sit next to Ahmed, you can ask him your questions.”

This is CAIR’s wet dream, and a 14-year-old’s, no doubt. Obama has invited him to the White House, MIT wants him, Twitter offered him an internship, Stephen Colbert and Ellen DeGeneres have called, and it just keeps going. When asked, “Ever heard that phrase, ’15 minutes of fame?,’” Ahmed responded, “This is gonna be soooooo much longer.”

Meanwhile, the school is trying to contain this expanding public relations disaster, releasing a photo of Ahmed’s clock, showing how it did, indeed, resemble a bomb, and saying: “Perhaps upon release of that photo there may be a little bit different perception about what took place, and people might have a better understanding of how we were doing everything with an abundance of caution to protect all of our students in Irving.”

How naive. As if the media gives a flying fig about what really happened. They have their Islamofauxbia narrative, and they are going to club their readers like baby seals.

If Ahmed hadn’t been a Muslim, this story would never have seen the light of day. Ahmed is not at a disadvantage because he’s Muslim: On the contrary, as the reaction from Obama and the fawning media shows, he’s privileged.

Now it has even come to light that Ahmed Mohamed didn’t even build his famous clock at all. The Right Scoop reports that “he took apart an existing clock, and transplanted the guts into a pencil box, and claimed it was his own creation. … I refer back again to this YouTube video interview with Ahmed. He explains that he closed up the box with a piece of cord because he didn’t want it to look suspicious. I’m curious, why would “looking suspicious” have even crossed his mind before this whole event unfolded, if he was truly showing off a hobby project, something so innocuous as an alarm clock. Why did he choose a pencil box, one that looks like a miniature briefcase no less, as an enclosure for a clock? It’s awful hard to see the clock with the case closed.”

And Irving, Texas police officer James McLellan said, when asked about his object, Ahmed “kept maintaining it was a clock, but there was no broader explanation” about why he had built it and brought it to school, and why it was beeping in the middle of his English class if, as he later explained, he had brought it in to show to an engineering teacher.

“I know you know the story and the world knows the story,” Ahmed’s father has said. “But we will repeat it and repeat it until justice is done.”

Justice? Really? But Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd has tried to meet with Ahmed’s father to talk about the incident, but the Islamophobia huckster has refused, even though he has always been available for reporters.

And Irving Independent School District Communications Director Lesley Weaver said there is more to the story, but it cannot be released without a privacy waiver from the family: “All they have to do is sign a release form and we’ll be able to give a different perspective of what happened that day in the classroom and the hours following.”

But Ahmed’s family won’t discuss a privacy waiver. However, they have had the time to set up an #IStandWithAhmed GoFundMe page, and the cash is rolling in.

Every detail makes it clearer that the whole thing was a set-up, designed to make officials afraid to report Muslims with suspicious objects. Ahmed Mohamed’s clock will make us all less safe.

*Article by Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

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