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Al Sharpton Argues 2nd Amendment is for “White People” [video]

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Just when you think something worse can’t come out of Al Sharpton’s mouth, it does. Sharpton leads the blame and divide game in America and at a rally in Harlem this weekend he added to his race-baiting litany.

According to Fox News Insider, this Saturday at a rally in Harlem, Al Sharpton blamed the NRA for not commenting on the deaths of two black men who were both legally carrying guns when they were killed by police officers. Sharpton said:

“Both of them were killed by police based on. Now, I missed the NRA coming out and defending the gun rights they legally had. Where is the NRA now? Where is [NRA president] Wayne LaPierre now? Do you have a Second Amendment right, or did you not get down, Mr. Pierre, to the 14th, 15th and 16th Amendments? Maybe you mean the Second Amendment [is]for whites only.”

After which, radio host and political commentator, David Webb, said the NRA is concerned about the Second Amendment rights of all Americans, pointing out that he as a black man is a member of the NRA. He also called Sharpton an “idiot” who is even more irrelevant now in light of all of the attention Black Lives Matter activists have been getting. He argued that Sharpton “is grasping at straws,” trying to find a “bogeyman” by singling out the NRA and making non-racial issues into false “race issues.”

Webb told Fox and Friends:

“This man is a racist, he’s a race-baiter, and he wants to be in the conversation. He does nothing to bring you a solution.

“What the NRA advocates for is that all Americans – especially blacks in poor communities like Chicago – they need to be able to protect themselves. Here’s my [NRA] card. No black requirement here. No white requirement. Al Sharpton’s an idiot. He needs to be irrelevant to the American people.”

And, Sharpton was incorrect. One of the men killed by the police was not legally carrying a gun.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Bethany Blankley.

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