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American Flag Barred From SC Football Game

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There is nothing wrong with wanting to be open and welcoming to new immigrants. We are a country of immigrants. We should recognize that our families were once in these people’s shoes. But how far are we as Americans supposed to go?

It seems that there is no limit to our grace. At least, that is what has come to be expected of the American people. We are supposed to be sensitive to the feelings of new Americans. We are not to push in their face that we are better, that America is better, or any such thing. But if it was not better, why would they come here?

They know that it is better. America is a place to come for a better and safer life. People leave their home country, not because America is the same, but because it is better. Americans are not moving and going to Mexico, Central, and South America. We are not leaving and going to Europe, or Asia. But all of those people are coming here. But we are to act as if these countries are on the same level as us?

This is stupid, and it has reached a level of stupidity that is unbelievable.

Greenville Online reports:

Tensions are flaring after a Travelers Rest student was blocked from carrying an American flag into a high school football stadium, according to reports on social media.

Several people posted about the incident on social media Saturday, claiming the student wasn’t allowed to carry the flag into Friday night’s Travelers Rest-Berea game because it might offend Berea’s large
Hispanic community.

Travelers Rest’s principal, Lou Lavely, responded Saturday. He said the American flag has been used in the past to “taunt” Berea students, leading to confrontations.

So, why is the American flag so important at Travelers Rest football games? Well according to Todd Starnes, a native of Travelers Rest there is a good reason.

Fox reports:

Uncle Chico was also a Marine. He fought in World War II and was severely wounded – shot in the leg at Iwo Jima.

When Chico returned home he enrolled at Furman University and eventually took a job at Travelers Rest High School.

Among his first assignments was to restart the dormant football program. So that’s exactly what he did – naming the squad in honor of his beloved Marines.

And since 1949, the football team at Travelers Rest High School has been known as the “Devildogs.”

Principle Lavely has taken the wrong side of this argument, and it will most likely make him the least popular man in Travelers Rest, if not the entire state of South Carolina.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.

The Washington Standard

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