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American Healthcare Saves Baby Boy from Socialism

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Baby Oliver Cameron is a British citizen, which was very unfortunate for him. Baby Oliver was born with a rare heart condition called cardiac fibroma, which would normally be a death sentence in the UK Thankfully for Oliver and his family, the United States exists. Doctors in America have developed a procedure for this particular malady, and the surgery comes with a 100% success rate!

Only problem?

When Oliver was born with a large tumor inside his heart, doctors in the U.K. said it couldn’t be removed. His parents…

Posted by Boston Children's Hospital on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The UK’s socialist healthcare scheme (known as the NHS or National Health Services) refused to pay for the family to get the procedure done.

From the Daily Wire:

The NHS, however, initially refused to pay for the roughly $260,000 parents Lydia and Tim Cameron needed to fund the trip and procedure required to save their baby.

“No parent should have to bury their child,” Lydia said at the time, according to The Mirror. “For the NHS to say, ‘we’re sorry, we can’t help.’ is devastating.”

“We asked if the NHS could fly the surgeon over here, but he’s not licensed to operate in the UK,” she explained. “We asked if an English surgeon could learn the procedure, but they said no. So we must raise the money ourselves.”

“Our NHS consultant has said if Boston agreed to treat Oliver then we had to get him there.”

The couple did not have the funds to save Oliver, so they resorted to crowdfunding, opening a GoFundMe page and asking the public to donate.

After funding nearly $170,000 on their own and garnering international attention, the NHS’s hand was forced. The government finally announced that they would allow and fund the necessary surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital.

The NHS’ hand was forced in the wake of several high profile baby deaths (including that of Charlie Gard), where the NHS handed the baby a death sentence and then refused to let the family seek outside help, even though other nations had lined up to offer free medical care (including the USA and Italy).

Essentially, the NHS was shamed into helping Baby Oliver and his family. Which should be proof enough of the horrific nature of socialist healthcare. At the end of the day it’s pencil pushing bureaucrats deciding who lives and who dies based on their own subjective measurements.

It’s truly monstrous, and yet it’s what Democrats in America continue to beg for.

Our own system is imperfect. However, if the government were to get out of the way the market would bring costs down dramatically and that vast majority of Americans would have easy access to affordable healthcare. Healthcare that would be cheaper than the “free” healthcare in Europe, and would be better and more advanced than the options offered at even the best European hospitals. For the poorest among us, hospitals have always (and will hopefully continue to) offered their services for free, or at pro-rated costs that can be paid back slowly, over time.

A capitalist healthcare system is not perfect, but it is by far the best, most humane system ever devised.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

The Washington Standard

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