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America’s Frontline Doctors: Expose Experimental COVID Vaccine Dangers

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There is a video of Dr. Simone Gold titled: “The truth about CV19 vaccine-Jan. 2021.” 

It is important that you watch it. I have watched it more than once. There is so much information that I wanted to make sure I absorbed it all.

There is so much propaganda about COVID that we need to balance our exposure with additional information. The first thing you should ask when you are being told something is, who is paying for it? The pharmaceutical industry spends huge amounts of money on advertising. Do you think they would pay people to say you should not buy their product? Of course not, they want their money.

You need to consider that when you listen to news broadcasts and the news sound bites during radio shows. The government may be paying the radio station to say what they are saying. If they are being paid you need to consider that when you decide if it is true. The only purpose of a commercial is manipulation. They want you to buy their product. The government is no different. They are not going to pay people to say they are wrong. My question is why do so many of you want to be manipulated?

That is why I want you to watch Dr. Simone Gold. People need to hear more than the bought and paid for propaganda. In my position as an Emergency Medical Technician, we have been bombarded with “get your vaccine”. Sadly they have not told us we are doing more than just taking a vaccine. We are actually participating in a medical experiment. The COVID vaccine is experimental. They have not posted any animal studies. We are the animals.

One of the things that offends me is when I served in the military we were used as lab rats for vaccines. Like the COVID vaccine, they did not know if the vaccines were safe. They were not safe, because they did make us sick. I had to take whatever they gave me, no questions asked. When people say to me: “Thank you for your service” I doubt if they realize, we served as human test subjects, and we could not say no. Once we were injured, it is the same old prove they did it, and we know the likelihood of a sick veteran getting any justice.

Now here I am a member of the First Responders, trying to protect my community, and they are trying to put me back to the position of lab rat for a pharmaceutical experimental vaccine. Do not tell me it is not experimental until you at least listen to the lecture of Dr. Simone Gold. Most people are uninformed, many more are misinformed. Many people have been flat out lied to.

Of the people in my group, only 22% have taken the experimental COVID vaccine. Of the 88% of us that have not taken it, our main reason is we do not believe it is safe, and we do not believe it was tested enough. The harder they push, the more we do not trust them. The more Big Tech sensors people, the more we know they cannot be trusted.

Many of us have decided if they make the experimental COVID vaccine mandatory we will resign. How good will emergency medical care be if half of us resign? If you want to have health care, maybe you should get involved and help us.

I wrote an article in which I asked you to go to Make America Free Again and sign up in our database. I also wanted you to start your own groups so we could start raising money to bring lawsuits against this fraud that is going on. We cannot do this for you. You need to help. A few people doing things for everyone will not work.

In my Ambulance service area, only 1 in 244 people we serve is willing to be an Emergency Medical Technician. So besides once being in the Air Force and the Army, I am now one of the few willing to help you when no one else will. However, you cannot ask us to do everything. I refuse to be a lab rat for an experimental COVID vaccine. If you want people who will come help you if you get in a car wreck, you need to help us keep our right to make our own medical decisions.

Go to: www.makeamericansfreeagain.com and sign into our data base. Then start forming groups. I am doing this too, we are a team, but everybody needs to get on the field and play.

Go to: https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com/ and sign their petition. Tell other people. Of the other people in my group, the 22% that have taken the experimental COVID vaccine, they think it is safe because they were told it is safe. The fact that they cannot sue anyone for their injuries if they get sick was not something they knew or considered.

That is why I am spreading the word. I hate seeing my friends hurt. They did not tell us the dangers when I was in the military, and they are not telling us the dangers now. You need to help spread the word. Join us.

Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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