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America’s New World Disorder

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Two weeks ago in this space, I posed the question of why some think Hillary Clinton is unelectable as president due to crimes committed while serving as secretary of state, when the same pro-left media spin machine and gutless Republican leaders are on the scene now as in 2008, when Barack Hussein Obama was elected.

Over the last six years, the comportment of GOP leaders in particular, given the unprecedented threat represented by this administration, speaks to a dramatic alteration in course and intention on their part, not unlike that which occurs when the ship captain’s cabin door bursts open and the roaring mutineers pile in.

It’s as though the entire Congress, the executive branch, the press and to some extent even the federal judiciary have become a sort of Supreme Soviet (as in the former U.S.S.R.) body of government. Therein, we now have our very own Councils of Ministers, Politburo and Secretariats among elected officials, federal courts and innumerable government departments, bureaus and offices.

As I pointed out in my WND column of July 9, 2014, the chagrined claims of the White House around their handling of the 2014 “undocumented minor” border crisis were complete Soviet-style spin, given that they had orchestrated the crisis to start with. To this day, the administration continues to employ said chagrined claims, though the smoking gun, a federal Request For Information (RFI), remains viewable online.

A few days ago, a federal judge ruled that hundreds of those illegal immigrants who remain in U.S. holding facilities must be released, calling conditions in which they are being held “deplorable.” And they definitely are deplorable.

The press called this a “setback” for President Obama’s immigration policy, although I am hard-pressed to figure out how that might be.

Since 2013, the Obama administration has released (rather than deported) over 68,000 foreign nationals with criminal convictions and pending charges from detention centers and into the streets as though they were school children going home for the summer. As we’ve seen pointedly demonstrated in recent weeks, the recidivism rate of these wastes of nucleic acids is staggering.

More than 68,000 (mostly) women and children were apprehended on our southern border last summer. While officials laboriously pondered whether they had a right to stay, as some may recall, thousands of minors from among them were spirited away to attend school in communities across America.

Shortly after that, there were numerous outbreaks of exotic respiratory and neurological ailments among school-age American children, resulting in several deaths.

We knew last summer that conditions in which the immigrant surge partygoers were living were ghastly. Most regular readers will remember the appalling accounts given by health-care practitioners treating the arrivals, and others who visited the detention centers. Are we to believe that the government couldn’t find a way to improve those conditions in a year?

It would have been a childishly simple matter for the administration to “allow” the habitability of the detention centers to deteriorate, then instruct their radical pals at the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law in Los Angeles to file suit against the government in order to secure the detainees’ release, while rendering the administration “blameless.”

The resulting lawsuit was indeed filed after two months of negotiations between CHRCL and the Justice Department failed to identify measures that could improve conditions in the detention centers – a claim that is beyond preposterous. Did not the customary liberal solution – throwing vast amounts of taxpayer money at the detention centers’ budgets – occur to anyone?

It has always been Obama’s intention to unleash legions of culturally bankrupt foreign scum upon the American citizenry. It is now occurring on several fronts.

How is that a “setback” for his immigration policy?

Late last week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi summarily exonerated abortion provider Planned Parenthood of selling fetal tissue (baby parts) after undercover videos surfaced capturing senior members of Planned Parenthood discussing how the organization did precisely that.

Calling the whole matter “a controversy that doesn’t exist,” Pelosi suggested that those calling for an investigation of Planned Parenthood should themselves be investigated.

This reminds me of one manner in which the Soviets (and the Nazis and other totalitarian regimes) disposed of agitators, reformers, or others whose cut of jib they didn’t particularly care for: Falsely accuse them of crimes in the same area they were attempting to address or reform, and have them imprisoned or killed. That sent the same message to other potential reformers that Comrade Pelosi was attempting to convey to us: Utter one disagreeable peep, and we will bring the full weight of government power to bear upon you.

Finally, during one of the Senate’s infrequent Sunday votes last week, several senior Republicans reprimanded Sen. Ted Cruz for his recent criticism of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Cruz accused McConnell of lying when the latter denied having struck a deal to resuscitate the Export-Import Bank and its attendant corporate welfare infrastructure.

“Squabbling and sanctimony may be tolerated in other venues and perhaps on the campaign trail,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah (who has been in the Senate since the Cretaceous Period), “but they have no place among colleagues in the United States Senate.”

I never run out of reasons to be mortified by this bunch. Here we have ranking Senate Republicans defending a majority leader who has proved himself to be the political whore to end all political whores – and that’s putting it mildly. Having thrown in on so many legislative issues with the Marxist Islamist saboteur who occupies the White House and his congressional minions (which House Speaker John Boehner has also done), McConnell’s status far exceeds mere political whoredom.

Instead of standing with Cruz, the leading senators of the Republican Party deliberately, calculatingly and publicly assumed the mantle of apparatchiks in this twisted New Disorder, and did so casually, as though it were all as natural as a sunny summer day.

I would submit that there is no punishment sufficient for such vile treachery. Nevertheless, I’ll settle for whatever we happen to have on hand when the time comes.

*Article by Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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