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An Open Challenge to Louis Farrakhan From a White Lady…#justiceorelse?

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Dear Mr. Farrakhan,
There are many things going on in the world today that I do not understand. I am hoping you can clarify things for me. You say you want justice, for whom? Michael Brown, a thug who was more interested in his next high than his life or the life of a police officer? A thug that had just robbed a store and assaulted another person? Michael Brown GOT WHAT HE DESERVED, and that is the sad TRUTH of the matter. This #blacklivesmatters movement is a non-movement until they decide to accept responsibility for their actions, go into these gang ridden neighborhoods, and shut down the black on black violence. 93% of ALL violence against young, black males is PERPETRATED by young, black males. Instead of getting up in a black, CHRISTIAN church, quoting the Qur’an, and calling on ten thousand black men to be willing to die in the service of killing the white “slave masters”, maybe you need to send that “Million Man March” out into the inner cities where black men are slaughtering each other.

Maybe, you need to realize the only people ‘enslaving’ you is the welfare state being run by people like Obama. There are no slaves or slave owners even alive today. It is time to accept RESPONSIBILITY for your actions, not blaming the specter of some long-dead white man whose name you do not even know. You are calling for the jihad of white peopleAny white people. As long as the color of their skin is lighter than yours, that is the prerequisite for murdering them. So much for Islam being the religion of peace.” 
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would be spinning in his grave if he could have heard your speech. The “content of one’s character” never even crossed your mind. You are so completely consumed by your hatred for white people, that you are blind to the truth. You were in a Christian church! You were throwing the pagan ideology of Islam in the face of Jesus Christ! You were calling for brutality against your fellow man in a place of sanctuary, peaceful reflection, and prayer.

October 10th, 2015 you have called on a million men to march on Washington, D.C. You have directed these million men to remove all American Flags from the capital city. You have called for ten thousand men, “ten thousand of the million” to commit murder and be willing to die. Mr. Farrakhan, why are you inciting this criminal activity? Why are you inciting others to incite a race war? If you hate white people so badly, be sure YOU ARE THE ONE to spill the first drop of blood. Do NOT order these young black men to act on your words, actions that YOU do not believe in enough to act on them yourself.

I will be in Washington, D.C. on October 10th, 2015. I will be there to protect the honor of those flags and make sure not a single one comes down. I have very fair skin, Mr. Farrakhan, but do not let the color of my skin fool you, I am part Cherokee and Creek/Muscogee Indian. Think about that between now and then. How many ‘white’ people will you kill who are not totally white? Or does it even matter to you? As long as we ‘look’ white, that will be close enough?

I pray for you and your followers, Mr. Farrakhan. I pray that you find peace somewhere inside of your soul. I pray your followers see the error of their ways and do not march on Washington, D.C. with evil intent in their hearts.

May God’s Will Be Done,
Miss Brandi N. Kay

The Washington Standard

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