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Angry Mexicans Tie Mayor To Truck & Drag Him Through Streets Because He Didn’t Keep His Campaign Promises To Repair Roads (Video)

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I guess everyone has their own way of “tar and feathering,” only in the case of the Mayor of Las Margaritas, it was a lot more tar, as in asphalt.  Apparently, the mayor made campaign promises to the people who put him in office that he failed to keep and they decided it was in his best interest to be reminded of his failure to do so, and they tied him to the back of a pickup truck and dragged him through the streets.

Mayor of Las Margaritas Jorge Luis Escandon Hernandez, in the state of Chiapas, was grabbed at his office by an angry mob of Mexican villagers, who demanded he fulfill his campaign promises to carry out road repairs, according to El Heraldo de Mexico.

It seems that they wanted him to see and feel for himself just how awful the roads were as they tied him to a Toyota pickup truck and dragged him through the streets.

Some people managed to film the mob’s grabbing of the mayor and the subsequent fight between those who had grabbed him and those attempting to rescue him.  The video ends with a few seconds of a camera capturing Hernandez being dragged down the street.

Escandon was dragged for several minutes until 40 police officers intervened to stop the attack.

While Escandon received only minor injuries, 20 people were injured in the scuffle that took place following his abduction.

In all, 30 people were detained.

Escandon immediately issued a statement saying that he would not be intimidated and that he would be pressing charges for abduction and attempted murder.

Four months ago, the mayor’s office was trashed and the windows were smashed, after a group of men went there looking for him and he wasn’t there, according to local media reports.

While I don’t condone what the men did to the mayor, once corruption reaches a certain level in an area, it seems that even attempts to go to law enforcement fail due to their own corruption.

Just ask Deanna Williams, and this incident of roads is far less serious than her story.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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