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Apparently, Rod Rosenstein Doesn’t Think He Has To Read FISA Warrants He Signs

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Well, this is par for the course, isn’t it?  Didn’t former Attorney General and criminal Eric Holder offer a similar explanation for the authorizing of Operation Fast and Furious, an illegal and unlawful weapons trafficking scheme that armed a Mexican drug cartel and resulted in the deaths of at least two federal agents and hundreds of Mexicans?  Now, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has testified before Congress that he doesn’t read the FISA warrants he signs.


Apparently, in testimony during a House hearing on potential abuses by the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation in the investigation into alleged Trump administration collusion with Russia, Rosenstein indicated that he does not read FISA warrant applications, but rather said, “It depends on the circumstances.”

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) asked Rosenstein if he read the FISA application that was issued to spy on Carter Page and knew who was a part of that application, and Rosenstein turned to FBI Director Christopher Wray for an answer.

When this occurred, Wray attempted to answer for Rosenstein, which concerned Gohmert, a former felony state judge.

However, Gohmert focused on the fact that Rosenstein did not say he read the application, but only “knew what was in it,” which begs the question of how you know what is in an application if you have not read it.

Gohmert then relayed to Rosenstein that if he had come into his court in that manner, having not read the application for a warrant and admitted it, that Gohmert would have a hard time trusting him ever again in the future.

The exchange went like this.

“When you approve a FISA application, in your mind, does that mean you should read it and understand what’s part of it?” asked Gohmert.

“You should certainly understand what’s part of it, sir,” replied Rosenstein.

“But, you’re parsing words,” Gohmert shot back.  “So, that doesn’t mean you need to read it, in your opinion – is that correct?”

“It depends on the circumstances,” replied Gohmert.

“Well, telling you, being a former felony state judge, if I had somebody like you come before me and now it was revealed later that the guy that signed and approved an application for a warrant had not even read the application that would allow spying on somebody, I would look at everything he signed from then on with a jaundiced eye,” said Gohmert.  “And, I’m telling you, I was a little concerned.”

Rosenstein was nominated by President Donald Trump in 2017 and subsequently confirmed by the US Senate.  He later appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election.

Yet, he doesn’t read the applications he signs off on to spy on people?  One has to seriously question whether he should be Deputy Attorney General, don’t you think?

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

Tim Brown

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