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Ardis & Shemirani: The COVID Is Not What You Think & We Put It All Together With A Solution

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This past week, I played my interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis from the Red Pill Expo in Iowa and it was fantastic.  Then, on The Sons of Liberty radio, Kate Shemirani and I piggybacked on Ardis’ research and added quite a bit in the mix, with a solution, of course, to preventing the Convids and even treating it.  On Sunday, Shemirani welcomed Ardis to her show on TNT Radio and they put their heads together for an expansion of what is really behind the CONvids and real, working solutions to both treat and guard yourself against getting what is being passed fraudulently as a “virus.”

Take a listen.

Keep in mind that the nicotine patches recommended that actually work are the Rugby brand.  I bought the 21mg patches and cut them into three.  You can get the 7mg, but the savings doing it the frugal Tim Brown way is more efficient:)

Dr. Ardis also recommended, for those who have yet to see them, the documentaries below that he has worked on putting out this information.

WATCH THE WATER: Dr. Bryan Ardis Unmasks What’s Behind CONVID-1984

Watch The Water II: Closing Chapter

COVENOM-19 Series Vol. 1

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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